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I need a paternity test. Which one should I get?

A paternity test analyzes the probability of a shared DNA relationship between a child and the alleged father. There are different paternity tests available, and you should choose based on what you need. Establishing paternity can be useful in terms of knowing the child’s medical history, understanding their legal and social benefits, or finding out strictly on a need-to-know basis.

If you are simply looking for answers to a question of paternity, an informational paternity test will be most beneficial. This test uses a simple cheek swab that is accurate, confidential, and affordable. While it doesn’t require government-issued ID, and isn’t admissible in court, it will provide peace of mind.

If you need a paternity test for a pending court case, our legal paternity tests are court-admissible. They are usually used in the event of custody cases, immigration cases, estate settlements, social security benefits, and court orders. We carefully maintain the chain of custody to ensure the results are admissible in court. A valid government-issued ID and legal documentation are required to have the test done.

If you’re unsure of which paternity test is the right one for you, the experts with ARCpoint Labs of Atlanta-Buckhead will work with you to help you make the right choice.

Let ARCpoint Labs of Atlanta-Buckhead do the hard work and help you eliminate any uncertainties.