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  • Couple having arguments and sexual problems in bed | ARCpoint Labs of Atlanta Northeast
    Your Questions About Infidelity DNA Testing Answered

    Helping a person answer tough questions is one reason someone may need a DNA test. Fortunately, nowadays, various types of DNA ...

  • DNA sample being pipetted into petri dish | Arcpoint Labs of Atlanta Northeast
    How Pharmacogenetics Benefits Your Health

    During most doctor’s visits, a medical assistant or nurse practitioner will ask, “Are you allergic to any medications?” You can ...

  • Asian woman looking at an at-home COVID test | ARCpoint Labs of Atlanta Northeast
    Clinical COVID-19 Test or At-Home Test?

    The number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Georgia has dropped from more than 5,000 positive patients in January 2022 to about ...

  • Employment application form | ARCpoint Labs of Atlanta Northeast
    Why Employers Need a Drug Testing Program

    Safety in the workplace is key, whether that means physically safeguarding employees or protecting your bottom line. Drug testing ...

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