• African American doctor and patient discussing test results | ARCpoint Labs of Atlanta-Northeast
    Where Should I Get a DOT Physical?

    If you’re a CDL driver, you know that getting a DOT physical is a mandatory part of maintaining your license. When it comes to ...

  • African Male Refusing Milk. Dairy Food Allergy | ARCpoint Labs of Atlanta Northeast
    How to Know If You Have a Food Allergy or Sensitivity

    Are you constantly bloated after meals? Do you have trouble digesting certain foods? Do you get hives or a rash after eating ...

  • Couple having arguments and sexual problems in bed | ARCpoint Labs of Atlanta Northeast
    Your Questions About Infidelity DNA Testing Answered

    Helping a person answer tough questions is one reason someone may need a DNA test. Fortunately, nowadays, various types of DNA ...

  • DNA sample being pipetted into petri dish | Arcpoint Labs of Atlanta Northeast
    How Pharmacogenetics Benefits Your Health

    During most doctor’s visits, a medical assistant or nurse practitioner will ask, “Are you allergic to any medications?” You can ...

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