Are At-Home Paternity Tests Accurate?


Are At-Home Paternity Tests Accurate?

At-Home Paternity Tests accuracy

Although taking a paternity test often takes just a few minutes, the results have the power to determine the future for an entire family. Choosing an accurate paternity testing method is critical, especially when you consider the importance of the question you’re seeking to answer: are you (or another individual) the biological and legal father of a child? In the state of Texas, a father cannot be held legally responsible for a child (nor can he have any legal rights) until legal paternity is established. Often, this requires a DNA paternity test to be completed.

Purchasing an at-home paternity test might seem like a convenient, fast way to determine paternity – but as it turns out, those tests might not be the excellent option you originally thought they were.

Are At-Home Paternity Tests Accurate?

If you’re searching for the most reliable form of paternity testing available, an at-home kit isn’t the answer. The accuracy of your at-home DNA test can be affected by a wide variety of factors, even ending up in results that are either unreliable or completely inconclusive. Unfortunately, it can be very easy to accidentally (or purposely) contaminate the DNA samples that will be used for testing, which is one of the biggest problems with an at-home test.

Although the lab process for analyzing at-home tests are often comparably accurate to lab-conducted tests, the issue is in the way the DNA samples are collected. At a professional lab, a trained technician is responsible for gathering samples, handling them in a manner that guarantees zero contamination or confusion. However, when an everyday individual is trying to collect a sample at home, the process becomes much less reliable – and the potential for errors goes up dramatically.

Can an At-Home Paternity Test Be Used in Court?

Because there are many issues that could lead to inaccurate results from an at-home paternity test, this type of DNA test won’t be accepted in the majority of legal scenarios. Not only can accidental contamination and other user errors invalidate the test, but it’s also possible that one or more people involved intentionally tampers with the test to affect the outcome.

If you’re currently in the process of legal proceedings for child custody, child support, visitation, immigration, and other family court cases, it’s likely that at-home DNA testing won’t be right for you. At-home tests are considered for informational purposes only and aren’t accepted in a court of law. Instead, you’ll need to get a paternity test from an AABB-accredited lab, like ARCpoint Labs. This accreditation demonstrates a lab’s exceptional standard of professionalism and testing integrity, ensuring both you and the court that your DNA samples and test are appropriately handled. Therefore, the reliability of your results meets a high enough standard to be accepted for a variety of legal scenarios.

Learn More About Your Paternity Testing Options from ARCpoint Labs of Austin North

Wondering if an at-home paternity test is right for you? At ARCpoint Labs of Austin North, we provide convenient and affordable paternity test services that are far more reliable than any at-home test. Here, our highly-trained team has the experience and professional-grade facilities to ensure that each and every paternity test is handled with the utmost in care so that you can be confident in both the testing process and your results. When you’re searching for answers from a paternity test, accuracy is key – and the only way you can truly have peace of mind

For more information about at-home paternity testing and why our professional lab services are a better alternative, contact ARCpoint Labs of Austin North today.

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