How to Minimize Employees Cheating on a Drug Test

How to Minimize Employees Cheating on a Drug Test


As you read about employee drug testing, you’ll learn:

    • How employees often try to cheat the system
    • What you can do to prevent cheating on drug tests


To increase company productivity, you must provide a safe workplace. One of the best ways to reduce workplace accidents, qualify for lower health insurance premiums, and identify impaired workers is to perform drug tests regularly. Some employees have developed creative ways to cheat on drug tests. Still, by partnering with a reputable testing company and laboratory such as ARCpoint Labs of Austin North, you can make sure drug test results are accurate, so you don’t have to worry about your employees cheating the system.

How Employees Cheat On Drug Tests


With marijuana now legal in many states and opioid usage on the rise, many people choose to indulge in recreational drugs during their off-hours and avoid disciplinary action at work for failing drug tests; they use several methods to attempt to cheat the system. You should work with a certified laboratory to recognize the following attempts to cheat on a drug test.


    • Substituted samples: People attempt to pass off someone else’s urine as their own.
    • Tampered samples: People place household supplies such as bleach, eye drops, and cleaning products into their urine samples.
    • Detoxification: People ingest certain herbs, eat a lot of fiber, or drink detox teas to clean the drugs out of their systems.
    • Delayed samples: Drugs only stay present in the body for a certain amount of time. If that period is coming to a close, employees may offer various excuses to delay testing.
    • Diluted samples: People drink a ton of water before giving a urine sample to dilute the pee and hide traces of drugs.


While all of these methods were viable a few years ago, laboratory testing has become much more advanced. Technicians can now identify most cases of employees cheating on drug tests, but you can still do a few things to minimize cheating on drug tests even further.

How You Can Prevent Cheating on Drug Tests


The most effective way to minimize cheating on a drug test is to use random testing. If employees are unaware of when they will need to take a drug test, they have less time to cheat. They will be more likely to refrain from doing drugs if they know testing could happen at any time. If you do choose to go this route and instill a random drug testing policy, make sure it is truly random and place every employee in the company, from entry-level workers to supervisors, into the pool of potential testers.


Another good way to minimize cheating on workplace drug testing is to use on-site testing. Employees who are selected for random drug testing will not have to leave company property, which gives them less time to cheat. It is important to work with a reputable company that can provide you with quick, accurate results.


Employment drug screens are a great way to provide a safe working environment for all of your employees, but people have found a number of ways to cheat the system over the past few years. Suppose you are worried about one of your workers cheating on an employee drug test, partner with ARCpoint Labs of Austin North. Our technicians are qualified to administer drug tests, collect results, and identify most cheat system attempts. Contact us today to learn more about how a comprehensive drug testing policy can do for your business.


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