Return to Work and COVID-19 Testing Options for Businesses

Return to Work and COVID-19 Testing Options for Businesses

Return to Work and COVID-19 Testing Options for Businesses
As the body of knowledge grows regarding COVID-19, new testing options for the disease emerge. We are developing faster and more accurate tests for the presence of the virus. Still, we are also learning new ways to determine whether an individual has had the disease in the past using antibodies. These testing options give employers new tools for operating essential businesses safely during the pandemic.
The diagnostic tests available from ARCpoint Labs of Austin North can show if an employee has an active coronavirus infection and should take steps to quarantine or isolate themselves from others. Currently, there are two types of diagnostic tests that detect the virus – the molecular PCR Viral Tests that detect the virus’s genetic material, and the Rapid (antigen) Viral Test that detects specific proteins on the surface of the virus.

Diagnostic Testing for COVID-19

ARCpoint Labs of Austin North offers diagnostic testing for the COVID-19 virus using the PCR Viral Test. It is available to anyone who wants to know if they have the virus, regardless of whether the patient is experiencing symptoms. Options for collection include Oral Fluids or a swab of fluid is taken from either the nose or throat for processing, and results come back in two to four days. This test is ideal for inclusion in a company’s return to work plan, for businesses who closed during the pandemic and those essential companies that did not close. This test is also required prior to most Interstate and International Travel.
A positive test on the PCR Viral Test means that you likely have the COVID-19 virus. Employees who get a positive result should consult a healthcare provider and not return to the workplace until they get clearance from local health authorities. A negative test means that no evidence of the virus was found in the sample.

Understanding the Rapid (Antigen) Viral Testing

Another test that is available at ARCpoint Labs of Austin North is the Rapid (antigen) Viral Test. The Rapid (Antigen) viral test uses a nasal/throat swab to detect a current infection of COVID-19 in your body. Although Antigen tests have a slightly higher rate of False Negative readings than PCRs, they are a great alternative because of their lower price and rapid result.

Finding Help With Your Business Plan

Developing a plan to reopen your business or keep it running can be challenging, with a maze of federal, state, and local regulations to take into account. Make it easier on yourself and give your employees the safest environment possible by working with a company that understands all of the available options. Contact ARCpoint Labs of Austin North to get started on your plan today.
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