Things to Consider When Setting Your Workplace Drug Policy

Things to Consider When Setting Your Workplace Drug Policy

Things to Consider When Setting Your Workplace Drug Policy - ARCpoint Labs of Austin North


As an employer or HR professional, it’s likely that one of your primary goals is keeping your customers and employees safe, happy, and healthy. Not only are healthy employees good for workplace morale, but they are also directly connected to the productivity and overall success of your company. Unfortunately, drug use in the workplace is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue, affecting employee attendance, work ethic, and performance.
The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that American businesses have spent close to $100 billion due to problems caused by alcohol or drug use, ranging from workplace accidents to compromised productivity. However, taking a proactive stance against drug use, specifically implementing a strict drug and alcohol policy in the workplace, is one of the best ways to tackle the issue head-on. When creating your drug-free workplace policy, here are a few things to keep in mind:

An Effective Policy is Clearly Written and Enforced

It may seem obvious that the most important element of your drug and alcohol policy is its documentation and implementation. However, many companies fail to establish clear expectations and disciplinary steps, leaving them in an uncomfortable gray area when drug-related issues arise. Your policy should explicitly state policies and procedures in detail, so that all employees and HR staff understand what is expected. For support that goes beyond providing drug testing, ARCpoint Labs of North Austin offers drug policy review services to help you design a strong, effective document.

Partnering with a Professional Testing Service is a Smart Step

Your policy should address if and when drug and alcohol testing will be required of employees. Most commonly, employers combine pre-employment screenings with regular, random testing, utilizing post-incident testing as needed. A professional lab has the expertise and procedures in place to correctly administer these tests, putting a reliable third-party in charge of samples and results.

Offering Support Programs to Employees Can Be Extremely Valuable

As difficult as addiction can be to understand, most people would agree that it is a disease that requires an extensive amount of treatment. If you have employees that test positively for drug or alcohol use, or voluntarily admit an addiction problem, consider providing them with resources and support for recovery. Not only could you potentially retain an excellent employee long-term, but your company may be the catalyst for helping them return to a healthy lifestyle.

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Whether you need help developing a workplace policy or are searching for a professional lab and hair follicle testing, ARCpoint Labs of Austin North is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our employer solutions to support your drug-free workplace.
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