4 Ways Pre-Employment Drug Testing Reduces Employee Turnover

Ways Pre-Employment Drug Testing Reduces Employee Turnover

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As a business owner, you have a million things to think about, many of them revolving around your employees. From turnover to absences, your team members can impact your bottom line in a big way. While some industries are required by law to do pre-employment drug testing, they’re a useful tool for any business of any size. After all, people with substance abuse problems often apply to work for small businesses because they’re less likely to do these screenings. Because it’s essential to hire the right people up front, ARCpoint Labs of Austin North works with employers to implement pre-employment drug testing programs.


Employees who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol regularly have difficulty holding a job. They often get fired for absences, tardiness, or poor performance. Drug and alcohol abusers are also more likely to quit without notice when the employer becomes close to learning about the addiction. Besides the impact on productivity and employee morale, high turnover is expensive because recruiting, training, and hiring people in the Austin area costs money. It’s in the employer’s best interest to hire a qualified, reliable person who is not impaired, and the best way to ensure that happens is through pre-employment drug screening.


Every employer knows the burden on the team when one person routinely misses work. Everyone else has to pick up the slack, leading to frustration and resentment toward the person and toward management as well. People living with addictions pose a more significant attendance problem than most.

    • Substance abusers typically miss more work and have more trouble getting to work on time than their counterparts without addictions.
    • Drug and alcohol abusers are generally less healthy than the general population, so they may use more sick days for related medical problems.
    • Missed workdays mean less productivity.
    • Substance abusers may lack reliable transportation to work if they lose a driver’s license, wreck a car, get a DUI infraction, end up in jail, etc.


The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance reports that up to 40% of industrial fatalities in the United States are caused by someone under the influence of an illegal drug. Drugs and alcohol contribute to one out of every six workplace accidents. If your business uses heavy equipment or other machinery, it’s especially critical that no one on your team is under the influence while at work.

Drugs and alcohol lead to poor judgment and impair the employee’s ability to make the right decisions, leading to accidents, injuries, and even death. In the Austin area, workplaces with pre-employment or random drug screens experience fewer workplace accidents than businesses without these measures. An impaired employee may also be more prone to acts of workplace violence.

Performance Issues

An employee who is impaired at work may exhibit poor performance and, as a result, reduced productivity. Attitude matters in the workplace, and healthy people tend to be more positive. An employee caught in a spiral of substance abuse may take out their frustrations on coworkers, bringing down the whole group’s morale. Impaired employees have more trouble meeting productivity requirements, and they may struggle to maintain a personal appearance that meets your company’s grooming and dress code policies.

Learn More with ARCpoint Labs of Austin North

A workplace free of drugs and alcohol is safer for everyone and more productive, and even casual users pose a significant threat. To protect your team and your business, contact ARCpoint Labs of Austin North today and let us help you develop a pre-employment drug screening program that fits seamlessly into your hiring procedures. When applicants know that your business drug screens upfront, it sends a clear message that your workplace is drug and alcohol-free; while it does cost money to test, the problems you avoid are well worth it.

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