Why Formally Establishing Paternity Matters & How to Do It

Why Formally Establishing Paternity Matters & How to Do It

Why Formally Establishing Paternity Matters & How to Do It - ARCpoint Labs of Austin North
Paternity testing utilizes DNA analysis to establish a reliable connection to a child’s father, resolving questions of parental lineage and often providing legally admissible evidence to use in court proceedings. However, many people are still unsure if formally establishing paternity is important, as well as what the process involves. In many situations, it’s assumed that the voluntary, unofficial acknowledgment of paternity is enough. In reality, it’s important to both parent and child that a clear and formal paternal link is established.

Why does Establishing Paternity Matter?

Establishing paternity beyond a shadow of a doubt has a significant impact on a child’s life in several different ways. Many people agree that every child has a right to know who their biological father is and that this knowledge can provide life-changing answers. Also, formally establishing paternity is generally required for child support and custody cases.
Failing to officially establish paternity could disqualify a child from receiving a range of financial benefits, including regular child support, death benefits, Social Security, veteran’s benefits, and any possible inheritance. Paternity is also important in gaining access to the father’s medical history. This knowledge could provide critical information about genetic health conditions.

How to Establish Paternity

In many cases, the father voluntarily establishes paternity – either by signing an official declaration or an affidavit. However, in other cases, DNA testing is required to formally establish a clear parental link.
The legal process may vary depending upon the willingness of the potential father, but the actual lab testing procedures typically involve a small saliva or blood sample from both the father and child (prenatal testing can also be performed). If the potential father refuses to submit a sample, there are other options for tracing the genetic material. These options include samples from grandparents or other relatives. It is critical to work with a professional, licensed lab to receive a result that is accepted by the court and legal system.

Professional Paternity Testing in Austin, TX

Whether you’re in search of paternity testing for personal or legal reasons, ARCpoint Labs of Austin North has a range of solutions. Our clean, comfortable facilities and highly trained team provide a no-hassle lab experience. You can be confident that your results are reliable and legally permissible. We maintain the highest testing standards and a commitment to scientific accuracy and best practices.
Instead of dealing with the stress and expense of other labs, trust your neighborhood ARCpoint Labs to provide the answers you need to all questions of paternity. Contact our ARCpoint Labs of Austin North team today to learn more about our testing services and to schedule your appointment.

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