Why is Random Drug Testing in the Workplace Important?

Why is Random Drug Testing in the Workplace Important?

Why is Random Drug Testing in the Workplace Important?
One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve workplace safety is by instituting a random drug testing policy. According to EHSToday, drug abuse currently costs employers around $81 billion per year. While some of these costs are due to absenteeism and loss of production, a good chunk of it comes from serious accident or injury rates associated with drug use in the workplace. Unfortunately, some of these accidents are even fatal and could have been easily prevented by utilizing random drug screenings.

Why Employers Should Perform Random Drug Tests

When it comes to employees that are under the influence of drugs at the workplace, this is a huge safety hazard that may leave employers open to liability for accidents or injuries. Unfortunately, many people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are also good at hiding their habits. You may never know that someone is under the influence of drugs just by looking at them. Here are some examples of the ways that drug use can cost you money as an employer.

  • A worker who was intoxicated on the job injured himself and another worker, rendering them both unable to work
  • An employee accidentally overdoses and uses extended sick time to recover. This leaves you scrambling to train other people to fill the position in their absence.
  • Your expensive tools start to go missing due to employee theft, and you have to replace them
  • An employee calls in sick at least once a week due to being hungover

Most employers have no idea that their staff is under the influence of drugs in the workplace. Unless you randomly drug test your employees, you have no idea if your employees are truly sober or not.

Advantages of Randomly Testing Your Employees for Drugs

As an employer, you now know the risks associated with drug use at the workplace. Random drug testing is a great way to put your mind at ease about this. Here are some of the benefits of performing random drug tests on your employees.

  • Peace of mind. Random drug testing in the workplace can help you ensure that your employees are sober on the job. This is done randomly, without you having to single out individuals for a reasonable suspicion test. Knowing that your employees are not under the influence can help bring you peace of mind.
  • Prevent accidents before they happen. If an individual is found with illegal drugs in their system, you can let them go before they end up hurting themselves or someone else. This can help save you money associated with injuries or absenteeism that result from drug use on the job.
  • Stop unfit candidates from applying in the first place. Most people who are under the influence of drugs will avoid applying for companies that randomly drug test their employees. By informing all potential candidates that you do random drug testing, you’ll discourage potential workers from applying if they can’t pass a drug screening. This enables drug-free candidates to move on through while weeding out people who would be unfit for the position.
  • Retain valuable employees. Most good employees have their limits when it comes to what they are willing to put up with. For most people, a safe and healthy working environment is non-negotiable. By doing your part in making sure that your employees are safe, you can retain valuable employees that might otherwise leave due to drug use or influence at the workplace.

ARCPoint Labs of Austin North

For more information on the benefits of randomly drug testing your employees, contact ARCPoint Labs of Austin North. Along with drug and alcohol testing, we can help ensure that your business is up to date on the latest drug testing regulations. Additionally, we can work with you to help implement and maintain a random drug screening program that includes what drugs you should test for and how frequently.
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