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Paternity Testing in Austin

At ARCpoint Labs of Austin North, we offer DNA testing solutions for a wide number of personal and legal needs. If there are questions about paternity that need to be answered, our professionals can provide accurate results in a confidential manner at an affordable price. All samples are sent to CLIA-accredited laboratories. Best of all, correctly administered and analyzed samples yield results that are 99% accurate.

The buccal swab method of DNA collection is very quick and just takes a few minutes. It's painless, non-invasive, and simply involves swabbing the inside of the cheek to collect cells.

Call our team in Austin at (512) 772-5110 to learn more about paternity DNA testing and how we can serve you.

Common Reasons for Paternity Testing

Our lab works with both legal institutions for court-ordered tests as well as individuals who want answers for themselves. Paternity testing services are also available for any of the reasons listed below.

  • To find out if a man is responsible for child support payments or other financial obligations
  • To ensure paternity benefits are received by the right person (e.g. inheritance rights, social security benefits, etc.)
  • To establish a relationship with the biological father
  • To provide emotional closure and peace of mind
  • To determine who the father is before the baby is born with prenatal testing

How Long Does It Take to Receive Paternity Test Results?

Test results are typically available within 2 to 7 business days for personal tests. Court-ordered tests may not be available for several weeks.

Do You Accept Walk Ins?

Yes. We recommend scheduling an appointment, but you can always come by during business hours for a walk in appointment as well.

For more info on paternity testing in Austin, Texas, give our team a call at (512) 772-5110. You can also schedule your appointment online.

Onsite & After Hours Services

While not always required by DOT regulations, on-site and after-hours testing can provide additional safety and convenience for employers.

ARCpoint Labs–certified collectors can come to your facility, saving you time, reducing downtime, and providing you peace of mind when random, for-cause, or post-accident testing is required. Our staff adheres strictly to all federal guidelines, even when on-site—including appropriate random selection, strict chain-of-custody protocols and accurate collection procedures for both urine drug collections and breath alcohol tests.