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The 2020 census showed that 19.2% of the population of Bakersfield was born outside of the United States, compared to the national average of 13.5%. The rate of citizenship in the United States has increased overall to 93.4% up from 89.6% as of 2020.

The U.S. Immigration system is labyrinthine and difficult to navigate on purpose - but realistic and attainable pathways to citizenship are there for those who seek them out. ARCpoint Labs of Bakersfield is here to help you find them.

DNA Testing for Immigration

Our Immigration DNA Testing Lab in Bakersfield will aid you and your family on your path to becoming an American citizen. Our DNA testing will establish a familial relationship between you and your American relatives, and carve a simple and straightforward path through what is often a disheartening process. Our Bakersfield DNA tests can prove maternity, paternity, or kinship to help you obtain your visa, and give you the best chance of success possible.

Is Immigration DNA Testing Different From Paternity Testing?

Paternity testing and immigration DNA testing are two separate but related tests, both of which use genetic sequencing to reveal valuable information about a person's family or nationality. These genetic markers are used to determine paternity cases or prove lineage in paternity tests, while immigration DNA testing has become increasingly commonplace in efforts to manage cross-border travel and movement.

Apart from their obvious differences in purpose, paternity and immigration DNA tests differ in the number of samples collected. Paternity tests involve only two people (the father and the child), while immigration tests may require dozens more participants depending upon the complexities of each particular case. As the popularity and availability of DNA testing expands around the globe, it is important to recognize and understand which type of test is best suited to your particular needs.

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Bakersfield Paternity Testing

Raising a child is not easy, or cheap. That’s especially true in California, a state that has an already high cost-of-living. Like any hardworking single parent, you’re doing the best you can to provide your child with the best and brightest possible future. That’s all any parent wants.

A 2020 report determined 27% of children in Kern County raised by single mothers, and 9% by single fathers. Your child is worthy and deserving of parents who love and care for them, regardless of whether or not you and your child’s other biological parent are still together. ARCpoint Labs of Bakersfield offers quick, non-invasive, and legal paternity tests that can aid in child support and custody cases. If the donor is unavailable or if their whereabouts are unknown, we can still determine paternity or maternity from a variety of genetic material from grandparents and other relatives. Our Bakersfield paternity tests will receive all the legal support that you’re entitled to. Because being a working single parent is already hard enough.

What Is Paternity Testing?

Paternity testing is the process of examining a person's DNA to verify paternity. It is usually used to answer paternity-related questions, such as confirming whether a man is the biological father of a certain child or determining if an individual is related to another person by blood. Paternity tests are generally requested in cases where paternity establishment is needed for court proceedings or for custody and support disputes, however it may also be done for personal reasons. Such tests are becoming increasingly popular as paternity can now be established with greater accuracy than ever before due to advancements in DNA testing technology.

How Does Paternity Testing Work?

The paternity test begins by collecting DNA samples from the alleged father and the child in question. These DNA samples are then tested for paternity by comparing certain genetic markers that are present in both the child and the alleged father.

How Are Paternity Tests Done?

Physically, paternity tests are done by collecting cheek swab samples from both parties and sending them to a laboratory like ARCpoint Labs of Bakersfield for analysis.

ARCpoint labs will look for similarities in the markers found in the DNA of both samples. The more similar the markers are, the higher the probability of paternity. In cases where a direct comparison is not possible, such as when one of the parties is not available for testing, other techniques can be used to estimate paternity by analyzing shared genetic characteristics.

Once all analyses have been completed, our lab will provide a report with the probability of paternity. This report can then be used as evidence in legal matters or for confirming parenthood for peace of mind. It is important to note that paternity tests cannot conclusively prove fatherhood — only that there is a high probability of it being true. However, this evidence is often accepted as fact in court.

In order to ensure the best possible outcome, it is important to choose a reliable laboratory like ARCpoint Labs of Bakersfield with experienced professionals who have experience in paternity testing.

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