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  • Various fruits and veggies spread out
    Micronutrient Insufficiency, Leaky Gut, and You

    Micronutrients consisting of certain vitamins, minerals, and metals, each provide unique benefits essential to health and ...

  • Different types of food laid out on a table
    But I’m Not Allergic: Your Discomfort May Be a Food Sensitivity!

    The Difference Between a Food Allergy and a Food Sensitivity Food allergies occur when your body misidentifies a food for ...

  • Man reaching for medications on table next to a glass of water
    PGx Testing and How DNA Helps You Choose the Right Medications

    Most of us are familiar with genetic testing. From learning about your ancestry to resolving a child custody case, genetic testing ...

  • Stethoscope on clipboard with doctor talking to patient in background
    5 Health & Wellness Screenings You Need Now

    Managing your health and wellness doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, it may be as simple as ingesting a dietary supplement, ...

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