Find Out Your Baby’s Gender with SneakPeek

While millions of babies are born each year in the United States, some areas are seeing a baby boom amidst the pandemic. Along with these happy new beginnings there comes inevitable anxiety, including finding out the baby’s gender. Knowing just a few weeks early if you’re having a boy or a girl can help with planning nurseries, filling out baby registries, and of course, the trendy gender reveal party.

As gender reveal parties increase in popularity, SneakPeek offers parents the chance to know the baby’s gender at only 8 weeks pregnant. This is about 6 weeks earlier than the typical ultrasound appointment. Gaining 6 whole weeks in preparation can help relieve stress by giving parents peace of mind about planning for their little one.

The SneakPeek test is a non-invasive blood sample for women who are at least 8 weeks pregnant. This cutting-edge test uses the sample to identify Y-chromosomes, which contain the male determining gene, in the mother’s bloodstream. These chromosomes are commonly present when the mother is pregnant with a boy. By testing for chromosomes, the results are 99.9% accurate at determining gender and have recently been peer-reviewed for validity.

Accurate results you trust can help you plan the perfect gender reveal party for your whole family. At ARCpoint Labs, we are dedicated to helping our community learn more about their health through relevant and reliable tests. This is why we’re proud to offer the SneakPeek test at participating locations for expecting mothers. Learn more about SneakPeek or contact us today to schedule your test.

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