How Telehealth Can Save You Time and Money

As companies embrace various technologies to improve efficiency, telehealth can go a long way to save time and money for employees and employers alike.

Telehealth, simply, is a way for people to communicate with medical professionals using technology such as videoconferencing. This technology helps employees save time by not waiting in a doctor’s office, save money by treating illnesses quickly and effectively, and improves productivity with employees spending less time sick or risking the health of their coworkers.

As wait times at medical offices continue to increase, employees are more likely to reschedule or cancel their appointments altogether so they don’t have to take time off or miss any time at work. This can prove dangerous though, with sick employees coming in and risking the health of their coworkers or department all while prolonging their treatment and decreasing their productivity. With the average doctor’s visit taking two hours, and average ER visits taking four hours, it’s no wonder that employees are taking less time out of their busy schedules to see a doctor for their diagnosis.

With telehealth, most common issues can be diagnosed during a quick call, which means your employees get better, faster. What used to be taking the afternoon off, or taking a sick day can now include consultation, diagnosis, and possibly prescription all during a five-minute phone call with a medical professional. Telehealth can go a long way towards saving your employees time, but also save them money by detecting what’s wrong before medical bills start piling up and costing thousands of dollars.

According to the 2019 Health Benefits survey, 66% of people on their employer-provided health insurance plan with a high deductible could not pay for their deductible without going into debt. This leads to employees putting off getting the treatment they need which is a liability risk to your company and your department and may end up being more expensive in the long run for those infected employees. What may be an easily treatable illness like bronchitis, could turn into pneumonia if it is not caught in time, and that’s the risk employees are taking to save money upfront.

Partnering with a telehealth provider can help your employees get the attention they need when they need it so they aren’t going into debt for treatment and you have a healthier workforce. Employees and employers can have that peace of mind with telehealth solutions that they are being taken care of quickly and efficiently in this age of higher medical costs.

With insurance premiums rising year after year, companies are liable to pay a vast majority of the insurance plan cost. According to annual Kaiser Family Foundation Employer Health Benefits Survey, companies are covering an average of 82% of single coverage health insurance plans which breaks down to an average of $5,894 spent each year per employee, and that number rises to $14,400 if it is a family coverage plan that companies are paying yearly.

As companies continue to look to become more efficient and cut down on unnecessary spending, encouraging telehealth usage can be a great tool for employees and employers to prevent emergency trips to the doctor which helps keep premiums lower and your team healthier leading to a boost in productivity.

Establishing a health and wellness program for your company can go a long way to help keep employees happy and healthy while cutting down on the number of lost workdays and insurance premiums. ARCpoint Labs is here to help you craft the wellness program that works for you and your company. Contact us today to help save your company time and money.

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