Food Sensitivity Test Revealed Severe Allergy in Face Wash

It wasn’t until I took the food sensitivity test that I became aware of ingredients that were basically poisoning my body. I did some research and found out that sesame oil could also be in cosmetics in a form known as sesamum indicum and this food was on my list! My face wash I had been using for years was basically poisoning my skin.

Taking the Food Sensitivity Test

I consider myself pretty healthy- eat well and workout regularly. There were some specific things I was hoping this test would tell me. Changing my face wash was not one them, but so glad I figured that out. I have had back pain my entire life. I have tried everything to find relief from chiropractic care to sports massage therapy and everything in between. In most situations, I only find temporary relief, so I was desperate to get more answers. It never occurred to me it could be the food I was eating that could be triggering inflammation in my body. So, I decided to take the test. After hearing about others’ results, I was so excited about getting mine back.

I was shocked at my results. Items on my list were foods I eat EVERYDAY. And still to my surprise was even in my face wash!  If my body had a reactivity to these foods, I eat every day, or even my facewash, I can only imagine how much better I will feel if I eliminate/replace these foods. If there was some chance my back would find any relief whatsoever by eliminating these foods I was absolutely on board.

Diet Change

So, I started to eliminate or replace some of these foods and be more self-aware of reading labels and making choices. First off, I immediately changed my face wash and verified the ingredients of my other cosmetic products. For my food- no more eggs (this one was the hardest), cashews instead of almonds and peanuts, cashew milk instead of almond milk, sunflower butter instead of almond butter, no more carrots, no more cow’s milk (cheese!), no more soy (soy is in everything!), no potatoes, no gluten and a few more. You get the point. I had my work cut out for me. But I’ve learned to find replacements for the foods I miss most. It’s a slow process, but I have made it through about 3 weeks now and it has definitely become easier.

Results of Diet Change

So, what has changed? My skin cleared up and just improved overall (hello face wash). I also noticed I feel lighter, less bloated and even lost a few pounds. I feel better overall and I cannot even explain all the specifics of it.   I desperately hope this is the inflammation in my body decreasing.  I feel better about knowing my body is taking in all the nutrients of the healthy foods I am eating and I am no longer poisoning it. All of this reassured me this test was totally worth it.

Road Map for Recovery

Although I was looking for specific fixes for my back, I can’t wait to dive deeper into the path that this food sensitivity test has provided me. Now I finally have the road map that I need to follow. I may not have amazing results to share yet, but these results are life-changing for me.  For me this is still the beginning. And I look forward to seeing what other improvements in my health I can add to my story.



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