Key Elements for Supervisor Signs & Symptoms Training

“What should we include in our company’s training program?” is a question we get asked every day, especially when it comes to (DOT) supervisor education about drug and alcohol abuse at work.

This is a really important question and the answer can be complicated. A program could include everything from live training to role playing. To help you navigate the topic, we’ve included some ‘best practices’ recommendations for Signs & Symptoms training programs.

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1) Conduct a comprehensive review of your company’s current drug-free workplace policy. This provides a great baseline.

2) Data about the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse on the company, employees, and the abuser. Be sure to highlight the pitfalls of turning a blind eye and address the safety concerns. Site specific examples that are relevant to your audience.

3) How to spot common signs and symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse. They are not always obvious, and supervisors need to be educated on what to look for.

4) Proper documentation of observations. If it is not documented, then it didn’t happen. Provide supervisors with a ready-made template to use when a situation arises, that way the necessary information is gathered and recorded.

5) How to intervene and conduct a reasonable suspicion interview. Conflict resolution is key, and so is preparing supervisors for this challenging situation. Your supervisors need the correct support.

6) Test supervisors after training session. Conducting a quiz when training is complete not only ensures content understanding, but it also documents that training has been conducted.

7) Provide a certificate of completion. This is a great tool to recognize those that successfully pass the quiz, and the contribution that they are making to the organization.

At ARCpoint Labs, we’re dedicated to helping your team create a drug and alcohol-free workplace. We’ll help you create a policy and training program that works for your specific business needs.

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