Know Your Body, Better

From #SelfCareSunday to #TreatYoSelf, there’s a growing movement online focused on taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Before investing in a bunch of new products and testing new techniques, get a better understanding of your body’s chemistry with wellness tests. 

Wellness tests have a variety of purposes but are all designed to help you know your body, better. This can help you maximize those self-care habits and help you feel better than ever. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, take care of your heart, know your sexual health, or just get a big picture of your overall health, find the test that’s right for you. 

Overall health

The first step to knowing your body better is to get a holistic view of your health. There’s no better way to do that than with a Men’s or Women’s Health Panel. Testing your hormone levels, thyroid function, cholesterol levels, complete blood count, and more, this group of tests gives tons of detail about your health. These details can give a bit more insight as to why you’re  feeling a certain way or why your body may feel off at times. 

If you find yourself feeling tired all the time, or just lacking any energy, a Fatigue Panel can help identify any underlying issues. Fatigue can be caused by multiple things such as lack of sleep, illnesses, or a chronic disease. Testing your iron levels, binding capacity, blood count, possible Lyme disease, among other factors will help you narrow down what’s causing your exhaustion and get your energy back. 

Weight Loss

Each year millions of Americans make it a goal to lose weight, and oftentimes they’re met with difficult times, miserable diets, and stalling progress. Weight Loss Panels can offer a great look into what may prevent you from seeing the results before you even get started on your journey. Put yourself in the best position to get where you want to be with this test and learn about your body’s testosterone, estrogen, vitamin D levels, and more. 

In addition to knowing your body’s makeup before focusing on weight loss, understanding your heart’s health can help you know your limits while working out. With Heart Health Panels you can take a deeper dive into how your heart is performing and potential risks for heart disease. Cardiometabolic panels, lipid levels, glucose levels, and complete blood count give a better view of your heart’s health and give you peace of mind before you get your heart rate pumping. 

Lastly, your Cholesterol levels can be a great indicator of your body’s overall health and let you know which foods to add or remove from a healthy diet. Measuring your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, the Cholesterol Panel can help anyone no matter if you’re trying to lose, gain, or just maintain your weight. 

Sexual Health

Whether you’ve recently been intimate with someone new or are concerned about contracting a sexually transmitted infection, the STD Panel can help ease your worries. Since many STIs/STDs can go virtually undetected, it’s important to know your risk of sharing infections. An STD Panel will measure for HIV, Hep B, Syphilis, Hep C, Herpes, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea. Knowing your infection status can help you get any applicable treatments as soon as possible. 

If you’ve been trying to start a family without any luck, or are anxious about fertility issues, schedule an appointment and get the answers you need to know. A Fertility Panel tests several hormones related and critical to fertility including Progesterone, Estradiol, Estrogen, Prolactin, and other factors. Adding to your family or starting one shouldn’t be filled with worries about your fertility. 

At ARCpoint Labs, we’re here to help you know your body, better. With a variety of Health and Wellness tests available, find the one(s) that answers your questions. For decades, we’ve been helping people like you learn more about their bodies. Find your nearest ARCpoint Labs location to schedule an appointment and start your self-care routine off right. 

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