Managing Your Employee’s Wellness

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to shine a light on the health and wellbeing of ourselves and those around us, developing clear policies and procedures for your employees can keep health a priority into the new year. From telehealth solutions and wellness programs to convenient COVID-19 testing, give your staff the tools to stay healthy throughout 2021.  

Wellness Programs

It’s no secret that a healthier workforce is a more productive workforce. Workplace health and wellness initiatives promote a healthy lifestyle by giving employees the tools they need to succeed. These tools can be as simple as wellness education seminars or smoking cessation programs, or as sophisticated as providing an on-site gym or company-wide competitions. 

Investing in the overall health and well-being of your employees can also lead to an increase in workplace satisfaction, employee retention, and a decrease in sick days used. Developing an effective workplace wellness program doesn’t have to be time-consuming. ARCpoint Labs can work with you to develop efficient workplace wellness programs that suit your company’s needs. 


As more communication is happening digitally these days, adding telehealth to your company’s health offerings can save time and money for employers and employees alike. Videoconferencing with medical professionals, or telehealth, is an efficient way to see the doctor without long waits or having to take extended time off of work. During an online visit, most common issues can be diagnosed quickly so your employees can recover faster. 

During a 10-minute call, an individual can consult a physician, get diagnosed, and, if necessary, get a prescription. This visit can take place wherever the individual feels comfortable, eliminating the need to take extended periods of time off of work to go wait in line to go see the doctor. Telehealth solutions can also save money for your employees by eliminating unnecessary visits to urgent care and cut down on Emergency Room visits. Instead of waiting until an illness or injury gets worse enough to see a doctor in person, individuals can get an answer quickly. Solving the problem before medical bills pile up. 

Convenient Testing

Diagnostic and clinical testing can give more details on the overall health of your employees, and help determine what areas they need to focus on to improve their wellbeing. Men’s and Women’s health panels can give key information about blood count, liver and kidney function, cholesterol, and more. Helping your employees understand their current health at a big picture level doesn’t have to be inconvenient either. Our locations across the country allow patients to schedule an appointment, choose the test that’s right for them, and receive a physician-reviewed summary, all without visiting their personal doctor. 

Beyond health panels, most ARCpoint Labs locations also offer convenient ways to test for COVID-19. Whether your workforce is in the office, working from home, or a mix of the two, COVID-19 testing can help your employees get a better understanding if they’re currently infected with the virus or have previously been infected and have developed the antibodies necessary to fight off the virus. With a variety of testing solutions, contact your local ARCpoint Labs for more information about our on-site testing availability or how we can help your employees return to work, safely. If your company has yet to return to work full-time or is currently in a hybrid model, download our Return To Work guide to find out how to stay compliant with federal and state regulations while keeping safety top-of-mind. 

ARCpoint Labs offers plenty of options to help your employees stay healthy, leading to more productivity, and decreased sick days. Our custom wellness programs are designed to help encourage healthy lifestyles in the workplace. Telehealth solutions can save time and money for employees with quick and easy consultations with a physician. Available diagnostic testing can give your employees a better understanding of their overall health. COVID-19 testing can help your employees stay vigilant in slowing the spread in their communities with a variety of testing options. 

As we head into the new year, keep your employee’s health a priority with convenient solutions from ARCpoint Labs. 

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