Reflecting on the Past Year of COVID-19

As the nation crosses the one-year mark since COVID-19 drastically changed our habits and lives overall, we want to reflect on how our efforts impacted our community. While cases began to rise in March in various states, our locations responded swiftly by providing comprehensive testing solutions and educating customers with verifiable information.

Something ARCpoint has continued to do for over 20 years. Even though each state was hit hard at different times in different ways, our locations were flexible in supporting our communities when they needed it most. From ongoing COVID-19 testing to vaccines and returning to the workplace, we will continue to serve, whenever and however we’re needed. 

Antibody Testing

Just days before major sports leagues paused activities and businesses shifted to work-from-home policies, our locations began to receive COVID-19 antibody tests. Developed to identify a previous infection of COVID-19, these tests were instrumental in helping scientists discover how far the virus had spread in a few short weeks of being in the US. Scientists then were then able to study how the virus spreads, whether on surfaces, through the air, et cetera. Understanding the transmission of the virus in the early stages helped the scientific community conclude that wearing masks, social distancing, and avoiding large gatherings is the most effective way to slow the spread.

Active Infections

In addition to the antibody tests, many of our locations began to offer PCR tests in the early months of COVID-19. This “gold standard” test was vital for identifying an active infection of COVID-19 and active infections in people that did not display any symptoms. Necessary before traveling abroad or returning to the workplace, this test was in high demand wherever it was offered. As the year continued, customers returned for their PCR tests if they felt ill, were possibly exposed, or to understand their risk before seeing loved ones over summer and fall. Being able to consistently provide accurate and reliable tests allowed ARCpoint to solidify our position as a pillar in our community. 

Reliable Information

Producing high-quality information that was scientifically factual helped bolster ARCpoint’s position as a knowledge hub for customers seeking to learn more about COVID-19 and the risks associated. With the help of Medical Director Dr. Chris Cherubino, our resources were properly vetted before production so people knew they could trust what they were reading. These articles and resources help ease confusion as new and conflicting information about the virus seemed to change every day. Providing a reliable source of information that was easy to understand helped our community get the answers they needed to know. 

Looking Forward

As we look to the future, ARCpoint Labs will continue serving our communities whenever and however necessary. From assisting with vaccine rollouts to on-site COVID-19 testing, we are preparing to help our neighbors return to life before the virus, as best we can. For companies returning to the workplace, our comprehensive guide will assist in limiting the risks of bringing employees back. For individuals who can’t get vaccinated quite yet, but want to know their current infection status, our convenient testing options are here to help. We’re hopeful for 2021 and are thankful that we were able to respond to the call when our community needed us most.  

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