Strategies to Return to Work Safely

As life slowly starts to return to normal with more vaccinations underway, you may be wondering how to safely return to the workplace. While the number of vaccinated people currently outweighs the number of active cases of COVID-19, there’s still a risk of being infected. Internal safety precautions, COVID testing, and bulk vaccinations are three ways you can limit your employee’s risk and return to the workplace. 

Internal Safety

Before you begin to bring employees back, take a look at how your office is currently set up. Are there any places with potentially high traffic? Can meeting rooms be properly spaced-out? Will you need to move desks around for a safe amount of distance between coworkers? If you’ve identified any areas that need some changes, prepare the office by making those updates.  Making employees feel comfortable and safe in your workplace can go a long way in building trust and increasing productivity. 

It’s possible that even after moving desks around and reducing capacities for meeting rooms, you’re still pressed for space. If that’s the case, look into using a rotating schedule where only a percentage of employees come in on certain days. While this may not be viable in the long-term, it is a great way to bring employees back over time. 

Inform your employees about the risks of COVID-19, how it’s spread, and how they can protect themselves with proper signage in high-traffic areas. Educating your staff can help limit your liability while making sure employees are taking proper precautions. Additionally, signage from trusted government agencies such as the Center for Disease Control can help limit any misinformation from spreading around the workplace. 

COVID-19 Testing

While some states are rolling out vaccines to all individuals over the age of 16, some staff may not be able to receive the vaccine. For these employees, or before your staff can all get their vaccines, COVID-19 testing is still a viable way to know who is infected and limit their attendance at work. Schedule on-site COVID-19 rapid testing with participating ARCpoint Labs locations and limit your liability for any unvaccinated staff. Find your local ARCpoint Labs location and contact us today to learn more about our convenient testing options. 

Rapid COVID-19 tests are a great way to identify individuals who are asymptomatic or displaying COVID-related symptoms. Since the common flu shares a few symptoms with a typical COVID-19 case, testing your staff can limit either virus from spreading around your staff. This means you can have a more productive staff that feels healthy and can worry less about their infection risk at work. COVID-19 tests such as the rapid and standard PCR tests may be required for foreign travel as well. So if your return to work plans include resuming foreign travel, be sure to schedule an appointment for your employees. 


Ultimately the long-term goal is to have 100% of your staff vaccinated. As states continue to expand the list of eligible people, scheduling a bulk vaccination appointment through your participating local ARCpoint Labs can help protect against severe COVID-19 cases. Currently, three vaccines are approved for Emergency Use Authorization from Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. While there have been questions about if the COVID-19 vaccines are safe, rest assured that they are, and can help your workforce get back to normalcy. 

ARCpoint is working with the necessary health organizations to make sure we can continue to help our communities. Stay tuned for more information on available vaccinations at participating ARCpoint locations nationwide. 

As the list of participating locations grows, contact your closest ARCpoint Labs to learn more and schedule COVID testing for your whole team. If you’re looking for help developing a return plan that limits your liability and works for your needs, request your Return to Work guide today!

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