Streamlining Your Practice

Finding ways to streamline your practice can help you stay focused on what’s important: taking care of your community. One way to cut expenses for yourself and patients is to choose a testing partner that’s right for you. Outsourcing your testing needs is one way to spend more time looking after your patients while saving them out of pocket costs. With a large portfolio of testing options, upfront pricing, and our nationwide network of CLIA-certified lab partners, ARCpoint Labs is here to help you focus on what’s important.

TESTING SOLUTIONS As your diagnostic partner, you tell us the test you need, and we’ll do the rest. With thousands of tests available to you and your patients, we will find a lab partner to get your accurate results quickly so you can make informed decisions about your patient’s health. As 70% of today’s medical decisions require laboratory test results, having the right test done with accurate results is more important than ever. Our testing solutions can easily integrate with your current patient care protocols so you can monitor the progress of your patients’ health.

While we have a wide range of tests available, our frequently requested tests are allergen and food sensitivity, cholesterol and heart health panels, comprehensive women and men’s health panels, chemistry and metabolic panels, and vitamin and mineral deficiency. Not sure which suite of tests is right for your patients? We’re here to help with one-on-one consultations available and custom panels to fit your patient demographics. Choosing a diagnostic partner can relieve some of the headaches that come with having an in-house laboratory system and can save you time and money.

UPFRONT PRICING Choosing to partner with a diagnostic expert can help your practice save money as well. Without having to worry about staffing a lab manager, dedicating space in your office, and purchasing testing equipment, you can pass those savings on to your patients or upgrade other areas of your practice.

LAB PARTNERS In addition to extensive tests available to your patients and the potential cost savings, streamline your practice with our network of trusted, CLIA-certified lab partners. With locations nationwide, partnering with a diagnostic hub like ARCpoint Labs means you and your patients have easy access to testing. Our locations have patient-centric hours so testing can fit within their schedule, and we’ll even come to your practice if necessary.

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