DNA Laboratory Testing in Charleston, SC

DNA Testing for Personal and Health and Wellness Near You

If you’ve been looking for accurate and affordable DNA testing in Charleston, SC, then look no further. ARCpoint Labs offers DNA testing for legal, personal, and health and wellness reasons for Charleston and the surrounding area. Our DNA testing specialists offer testing solutions that are competent, efficient, and effective. Getting your DNA test done at our Charleston location means you’ll receive empathy, transparency, and quality service from our DNA testing lab specialists.

Our state-of-the-art DNA tests on offer at our Charleston lab include:

  • Health and Wellness: For genetic aging, weight management, and athletic performance. Feel healthier, reach your peak physical fitness goals, and live longer, happier, healthier, better lives
  • PGX (Pharmacogenetics): Find out what medications work best for you according to your unique genetic profile
  • Paternity and Relationship Testing: Legal and informational paternity tests, siblingship, and grandparentage tests to establish a chain of custody. We can even identify post-mortem DNA tests for deceased persons from a funeral home or coroner.

For quick and efficient DNA tests in Charleston, SC, call (843) 491-1075 or contact us online!

How Long Does a Father Have to Establish Paternity in South Carolina?

If either parent is unsure of who the biological father is at the moment of birth, they should not sign a Paternity Acknowledgement Test. After 60 days, the Paternity Acknowledgement Test becomes legally binding. After that point, you would need a legal paternity test from either a private clinic or one from the South Carolina Department of Social Services.

Is it worth doing a DNA test?

Absolutely, depending on the reason why you’re doing it. Getting a health and wellness DNA test done can help you gain better knowledge of the inner workings of your body. That information can help you make better, healthier lifestyle decisions. With an ARCpoint Labs DNA test, you can determine your risk factor for chronic or deadly illnesses like cancer, or design an effective treatment plan with your physician based on your PGX test results and metabolic data.

Discuss with your doctor which DNA tests might best for you. Once you know what you need, come to us at ARCpoint Labs of Charleston to get it done.

Whether you need a legal paternity test or just seek to understand your own body for health reasons, call us today (843) 491-1075 or contact us online for reliable DNA testing near you.