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What is the value of a Third Party Administrator for DOT drug testing?

Starting a new DOT company or even managing an existing company requires staying on top of a myriad of very specific requirements. Unless you have someone designated to know all of these requirements, it is a best practice to partner with a Third Party Administrator that can help you maintain compliance.

Below are some of the many requirements that TPA’s can help fulfill:

• Create a FMCSA portal account to link to DACH
• Establish a Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse (DACH) account
• Put a process in place to order pre-employment and annual queries in the DACH
• Define who will report violations to the DACH
• Define who will manage Return to Duty programs
• Enroll in a Consortium
• Establish an account with an authorized laboratory
• Form a relationship with a Medical Review Office
• Prepare a DOT Drug & Alcohol Policy
• Conduct Supervisor Training (Owner Operators are exempt from this requirement)
• Assure drivers have a valid medical card

Effective TPA’s should minimally demonstrate the following:

• Responsiveness via phone and email
• Understanding of DOT regulations
• Ability to provide software to help manage drug testing and driver files
• Ability to provide in person or remote training
• Willingness to educate DER’s
• Explanation of how to handle driver testing violations

While this list of services may only represent a fraction of what’s need to operate a DOT covered company, a good first step is finding a good local resource to help.

ARCpoint Labs has two convenient locations in Greater Cincinnati to serve you. Call us today to help you manage your DOT compliance program!