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Your genetic makeup is one of the most private and intimate aspects of who you are. It's valuable information that's important enough to determine the outcome of court cases, or potentially earn you a US immigration visa. For whatever you reason for getting a DNA test, it's important enough to probe deep in the fundamental building blocks that make you who you are. The test results you're waiting on are more often than not time-urgent and have important decisions weighing on them. It's the kind of information you can only entrust to someone who respects it.

At ARCPoint Labs of Cincinnati, we're honored to be that person for you. We offer fast, reliable, and accurate DNA testing that's court-admissable and done according to the highest standards of medical ethics and state and federal testing. When you walk through our front door, you'll be greeted with clean and sterile testing environments looked after by courteous, kind, and respectful DNA testing specialists who use state-of-the-art equipment and use simple, quick, non-invasive testing methods.

If you need DNA testing done in Cincinnati, contact us online or call (513) 653-6600.

Personalized DNA Tests Near You

We offer DNA Testing solutions for use cases of all kinds. Whether you need court-admissible evidence for a custody case or you just need peace-of-mind. Some of the DNA tests we have on offer include:

  • Ancestry Testing: Dig into your family tree and discover your roots
  • Infidelity Testing: Discover the truth if you suspect your partner or spouse to be cheating on you
  • Immigration Testing: Prove a family relationship with a US citizen for your immigration visa

There are lots of different reasons you may seek a DNA test, and all of them are valid. Book a consultation with us, and we'll help you identify the best test for you depending on what you need. When your test results arrive, they will be confidential, accurate, and conveniently available to you online.

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