Gender Blood Testing in Cincinnati

Hoping for a Boy or a Girl? Take our SneakPeek Gender Reveal Test to Find Out Which

Giving birth to a child is one of the most important and life-affirming moments of a parents’ life. Your baby embodies the hopes, wishes, values, and dreams that you hope to carry into the future. It’s your chance to create a whole new person and give them something better than what you had.

Whether your child is a boy or a girl, they are deserving of unconditional love. Nevertheless, knowing what biological sex they are before they are born might be useful in helping you make certain parenting decisions, like what schools you want them to attend, clothes to buy, etc.

ARCpoint Labs of Cincinnati East offers gender reveal testing from blood samples from our location on Ferguson Drive in Cincinnati. Our SneakPeek Gender Reveal tests are safe, non-invasive, and yield quick and accurate results.

Get to know who your child is before they come into the world. Call (513) 790-4704 or CLICK HERE to schedule now!

How Much Does it Cost to Get a SneakPeek Gender Reveal Test?

Our gender reveal tests in Cincinnati cost $149. ARCpoint Labs offers the most accurate commercially-available gender DNA tests and are clinically proven to prove a baby’s early gender with 99.9% accuracy over the 150,000 gender tests we’ve administered to pregnant mothers nationwide.

What Week of Pregnancy Do You Do a Gender Reveal?

The SneakPeek Gender Reveal tests we offer at our Ferguson Drive location can be done as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy. Most parents seeking to learn their baby’s gender do an ultrasound under the supervision of their doctor at 19-20 weeks, or as early as 14. Other clinical tests like Amniocentesis can be done between 15-20 weeks. Old wives tales point to symptoms like the mother’s food cravings or weight gain as an indication of the baby’s gender. While these can be fun and entertaining they are not reliable methods for predicting a baby’s gender.

Eager to know the gender of your future newborn? Reach us at (513) 790-4704 or CLICK HERE to learn about our gender reveal tests.

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