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ARCpoint Labs provides a wide range of testing services for employers and individuals. We use the latest technology and globally recognized quality protocols to ensure that you get the highest levels of service every time – accurate, reliable and confidential testing to meet all needs.


  • What kinds of tests can employers perform?

  • We specialize in pre-employment drug and alcohol testing and background screening, random drug testing, on-site and after-hours testing. We also offer a full spectrum of enterprise health and wellness testing services you can customize to meet your needs. ARCpoint Labs will be glad to support all your programs, including hiring and onboarding, corporate wellness, and much more.

    Some of our most commonly requested corporate wellness tests include:

    • Full Lipid Panel
    • Comprehensive metabolic panel
    • Blood Glucose
    • Diabetes Screening

    In addition, we perform general blood tests and urine tests that can be used for drug screenings and risk management. We are experienced in working with on-site clinic or occupational health centers to ensure all tests are processed quickly and conveniently.
  • How can someone make an appointment?

  • No appointment is necessary for drug tests or background screens. For blood tests, please call the location nearest you to schedule an appointment.
  • Do you offer onsite testing?

  • Yes. Any of our tests can be conducted in our facility or on-site at yours. Our comprehensive offerings can be tailored according to your company’s specific needs.
  • How long do results take to come in?

  • At ARCpoint, we pride ourselves on quality and convenience. Test results are available quickly, often in less than 1 week, depending upon the type of test.
  • Are your tests compliant with government standards?

  • Yes. All our tests adhere to all applicable federal and state government standards. These include federally mandated Department of Transportation testing, as well as applicable state drug testing laws.

    Our health and wellness testing empowers enterprises of all sizes to achieve some of their most successful wellness initiatives around the world. We can assist you in developing a strategy that helps you reach your goals in employee productivity, attendance, and healthcare overhead.


  • What kinds of tests do you perform?

  • Our facilities are equipped to execute and process a complete assortment of tests for all kinds of health and wellness situations. We schedule tests requested by your physician as well as those you request on your own for personal reasons.

    Some of our most popular tests include:

    • Women's Health
    • Men's Health
    • Cardiovascular panel
    • Cholesterol and lipids
    • Comprehensive metabolic panels
    • Hormone testing
    • Thyroid tests
    • Family DNA - Paternity & Ancestry
    • Diet and Weight Loss DNA
    • Food Sensitivity
    • Food Allergy
  • How do you make an appointment?

  • Appointments are available by calling the location nearest you.
  • Do you accept walk-ins?

  • Yes. To set a specific appointment time, please call the location nearest you.
  • How long do results take?

  • Results are available quickly. We strive to provide some of the fastest turnaround in the industry.
  • Can my results be used in court?

  • Yes. We offer court admissible testing. We frequently oversee court-ordered paternity testing. To ensure your test is court admissible, please make sure to request a “court admissible” DNA test when you make your appointment or arrive for your test.
  • Is a doctor's note required?

  • No. You do not need to have a referral from a physician to get testing done at ARCpoint Labs. We are honored to help you access quality testing services for your own personal information. Many customers use our testing as part of an overall strategy to take control of their own health.
  • How can I see my results?

  • Results are available quickly. Our advanced technology makes it easy for you. You’ll be able to access your test results in full detail through our online service. You never have to worry about traveling to a facility to pick up results or having them misplaced.

    Health and wellness testing is an important part of maximizing wellness at any stage of life. We encourage you to contact an ARCpoint near you to find out more about how we can help take control of your health.

    To discover the details with help from our experts, contact us today.

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