Drug & Alcohol Testing in Delray Beach

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Drug testing and alcohol testing have become increasingly common in the workplace. As employers strive to create a safe, healthy, and productive work environment for their employees, drug and alcohol tests are becoming an essential part of many companies' policies. ARCpoint Labs of Delray Beach proudly offers dependable drug and alcohol screenings for both employers and employees.

We Promote a Drug-Free Work Environment

Our drug testing services are used to detect the presence of illegal drugs or prescription medications that could impair an employee's performance or pose a health risk on the job. Many employers require pre-employment drug tests as well as random screenings throughout employment. Drug test results can be positive (showing evidence of substance use) or negative (no evidence found). Depending on company policy, employees who fail these tests may face disciplinary action up to termination from their jobs.

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Alcohol Screening Services in Delray Beach

Alcohol screening is also commonly used by employers because it can help identify potential problems with excessive drinking while at work – which can lead to decreased productivity levels and safety hazards in the workplace. Unlike drug screens which measure metabolites in urine samples, breathalyzers measure blood alcohol content directly through exhaled air samples. If someone fails this type of test, they will likely be sent home immediately until further investigation into their behavior has been conducted.

Both drug testing and alcohol screening are important tools for keeping workplaces safe from dangerous substances that could impact performance levels negatively. By having clear policies regarding substance abuse at your organization you will ensure everyone knows what’s expected when it comes time for them to take these types of exams.

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While not always required by DOT regulations, on-site and after-hours testing can provide additional safety and convenience for employers.

ARCpoint Labs–certified collectors can come to your facility, saving you time, reducing downtime, and providing you peace of mind when random, for-cause, or post-accident testing is required. Our staff adheres strictly to all federal guidelines, even when on-site—including appropriate random selection, strict chain-of-custody protocols and accurate collection procedures for both urine drug collections and breath alcohol tests.