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Health & Wellness may be a booming billion-dollar industry, but many Americans still lack the necessary vitamins and nutrients in their diets. Less than 10% get enough through food, while only 57% supplement with pills or capsules. Don’t leave your health up to chance – unlock health benefits such as stronger cognition, healthy metabolism, and glowing skin and hair with IV Injection & Infusion Therapy from ARCpoint Labs of Delray Beach!

With over 100 locations nationwide, this quick solution will give you the essential boost necessary without taking too much time out of your day. For a lifetime of health and wellness benefits, indulge yourself in optimum healthcare today!

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IV Infusion Therapy Solutions

Add IV Therapy or IM Injections to your self-care routine for outstanding health and optimal wellness!
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Wellness Shots

Enhance Your Health with Vitamin Injections

Enhance Your Health with Vitamin Injections

Vitamins and minerals are key for sustaining a healthy immune system, cheerful moods, and consistent energy levels. But if you want to reach your wellness goals quickly and efficiently beyond taking oral supplements or relying solely on food, turn to vitamin and supplement injections!

Whether it's preparing you in time for that special occasion like a wedding or graduation or recovering from overindulging with alcohol, the right injection can instantly give you a boost so your best self is present at all times. Vitamin and supplement injections even offer an extra layer of health benefits to improve your overall well-being!

Test & Customize Your IV Infusion Therapy

Let ARCpoint Labs of Delray Beach be your guide to tailored IV therapy! At our facilities, you can receive injections and infusions as well as standardized tests like the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel. These tests help identify any deficiencies in your body and let us evaluate how metabolism, liver, and kidney functions impact treatment selection. This ensures that each client receives customized care based on their unique needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IV Therapy & Intramuscular Injections
  • Is IV Therapy Safe?
    IV Therapy is not new technology, but its inclusion in mainstream medicine is. As we have gained more insight into the role that micronutrients play in preventive medicine, they have been used more widely as a safe and effective way to rehydrate and deliver vitamins and minerals to the body as well as to prevent illness and maintain health.
  • How Long Do the Benefits of IV Therapy Last?

    The fluids from the IV usually last days after the IV session is completed. The effects of the vitamins or other supplements and how long they stay in the body will vary depending on the person.

  • Will I Still Need to Take Vitamins and Supplements?
    IV injections and infusions function as a kick-start to optimal micronutrient balance. Oral supplementation and vitamin-specific injections can be very helpful in maintaining these changes in the long term and should be discussed with your physician.
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