Do At Home Health Tests Really Work?

Do At Home Health Tests Really Work? - ARCpoint Labs

In an age of doctors and hospitals increasingly offering virtual visits, it’s only logical that such advances in technology would come to the world of medical home tests. While a person’s reasons for wanting such a test ranges from lack of access to a doctor to just plain curiosity about what is happening in their body, the availability is revolutionizing patient access.

But do tests designed for the average person actually offer medical value? In short, yes. Home health tests can be invaluable sources of information that can then be shared with a medical professional if it is discovered that intervention is needed.

Empowering Patients

There are many reasons why a person might want to go the route of at home health tests. Some people live in rural areas and have to travel great distances to see their doctor. Despite programs such as Obamacare and Medicare, millions of people are still uninsured, and the cost of visiting a doctor and getting lab work done is too high. Many others go from doctor to doctor trying to find someone who will listen to their concerns, only to find they need to take their health into their own hands.

These are just some of the reasons people are increasingly turning to home health tests. DIY lab tests are empowering. Whether you’ve struggled to find a doctor to listen to your unique concerns, or you don’t have medical insurance and want to take a test before making an appointment with a physician, home health tests offer access to medical services that might otherwise have been out of reach.

How Home Health Tests Work

There are many different medical tests you can take at home. Some at-home genetic testing kits only require a mouth swab. A rapid strep test requires a swab of your throat. If you’re monitoring your blood glucose, you’ll have to prick your finger to collect a blood sample. Pregnancy tests are activated by urine.

No matter which type of test you’re taking, most home health tests are generally looking for one marker. For example, in the case of pregnancy tests, the original home test kit, the device is designed to interact with a particular hormone marker. If your urine has the pregnancy hormone, you’re pregnant. If not, you’re not pregnant, simple.

Because these tests are designed with one central focus in mind, they are simple to use and easy to interpret. For tests that are a little more involved, many companies offer services and counseling to help people better understand their results. Regardless, the information provided can help people decide whether or not they need to involve a doctor.

Home Health Tests for Many Concerns

Many conditions can be assessed with home health tests, and scientists are continually inventing more. Over time, taking the middleman out of testing whenever possible will begin to drive down medical costs. Here are some of the most intriguing home health tests options available now through ARCpoint Labs.

For those who struggle with food sensitivity, you can be tested for 96 different food reactions. This is helpful for those who haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly which foods have caused them irritations, such as nausea, headaches and upset stomach.

Discussing an STD can be very uncomfortable and intimidating for a patient. It leads many to decide not to see a doctor at all. With an at-home STD test, you can screen yourself for all of the most common STD types. If you do receive a positive result, our Care Coordinator will schedule a physician to call you to discuss further. They can even call in a prescription for you. This option allows you maximum privacy and costs savings over physician visits.

Women interested in learning about their health and fertility can get a full workup of their hormone levels. Such a test is helpful for women experiencing changes in their menstrual cycle or those who are actively planning to get pregnant.

Whatever your reason for opting for home health tests, it is an invaluable source of information about what is happening in your body. No test is a substitute for professional medical care, so if your results indicate a more significant issue, make an appointment with your primary care provider.

Order Your Home Health Test Today

ARCpoint Labs is a leading purveyor of home health tests. With our home health tests, you can test for a wide range of issues such as men’s health, thyroid, heart health, vitamin D, or even blood glucose levels. To find out more about our home health tests, visit our website or contact your local ARCpoint Labs location to speak with our team.

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