DNA Testing in Downtown Greenville

DNA Testing by Qualified Professionals

ARCpoint Labs is honored to provide DNA testing for the good people of Greenville, SC. If you need a paternity test for your child support case, you’ll get it at ARCpoint labs. If you need an infidelity test for a divorce or legal separation, you’ll get quality, compassionate, and non-judgmental treatment from us. If you’re trying to establish a familial bond for your immigration visa, or tracing your family history, ARCPoint Labs will make it happen. We are here to support you and offer you the best DNA testing in Greenville you can get.

If you live in the Greenville area and need DNA testing, you can have it done either onsite at our facility, or have us come to your home when it’s convenient for you. All of our DNA tests are done according to federal guidelines and state government requirements. That can be admissible as evidence in court, and are accepted by US immigration authorities.

When you get your DNA tests from our Downtown Greenville office, you can count on accurate and reliable results without sacrificing convenience. Your test results will be given you within a week or even less than a day, depending on the test administered.

For the DNA testing in Downtown Greenville, SC, call ARCpoint Labs at (864) 618-2089.

Get a Family DNA or a Paternity Test Today

We offer speedy and secure DNA tests in Greenville for a variety of use cases. Our DNA testing services for individuals include:

  • Ancestry Testing: Trace your family history and ethnic background, and use your genetic makeup to learn more about your ancestors

  • Paternity Testing: Determine the biological parent of your child for use in child support cases

  • Infidelity Testing: Uncover your partner’s unfaithful behavior for divorce proceedings, or for your own peace of mind

  • Immigration: Prove familial relationships for use in the US immigration process

Your DNA results will give you insight and self-knowledge you didn’t have before. That knowledge empowers you to make the best decisions you can for you and your future.

For quick, confidential, and convenient DNA testing you can present in a court, call ARCpoint Labs of Downtown Greenville at (864) 618-2089.