SneakPeek® Early Gender Reveal in Greenville, SC

Get Accurate Baby Gender Results

Eager to know the gender of your baby? Do you plan to have a gender reveal celebration? SneakPeek® Early Gender Reveal is the key to experiencing the joy of discovering your baby’s gender early! Over 150,000 expectant mothers have peered into the future with our revolutionary gender blood test. Offering an impressive 99% accuracy rate as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy, SneakPeek® is your trusted choice for early gender reveal!

Expectant Mothers Worldwide Trust SneakPeek®

With over 150,000 Gender Reveal Tests sold, SneakPeek® has become a trusted companion for expectant mothers globally. ARCpoint Labs of Greenville's commitment to accuracy and reliability has earned the trust of countless satisfied customers, making us the go-to choice for early gender determination.

How Does SneakPeek® Detect Your Baby’s Gender?

SneakPeek® has set a new standard in early gender testing with its clinically-proven, 99% accuracy rating. The baby’s gender is detected by analyzing fetal DNA that’s released by the placenta into the mother's bloodstream during pregnancy. Our test detects the presence of male chromosomes, confirming a baby boy. The absence of male chromosomes indicates a baby girl.

Why Get an Early Gender Reveal Test?

Expecting parents might want a gender reveal test to satisfy their curiosity and excitement about their baby's gender. The results allow parents to plan and prepare for the future. Knowing the gender early can lead to a more personalized pregnancy experience, including nursery decoration, choosing a name, and discussing potential gender-specific health considerations. For some parents, the gender reveal test may also be a part of celebrating and sharing the joyous news with family and friends, making the pregnancy journey even more memorable and enjoyable.

We Put Your Privacy First at ARCpoint Labs of Greenville

At ARCpoint Labs of Greenville, we ensure your personal information and test results are kept strictly confidential. Trust us to handle your sensitive data with care and discretion.

Schedule your SneakPeek® Early Gender Reveal test today by calling (864) 618-2089 or request an appointment online!

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