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At ARCpoint Labs of Dunnellon, we provide comprehensive testing solutions designed to keep your community healthy and happy. Whether you reside in Azalea Island, Fletcher Heights, LaBelle, or any area in between, our highly skilled, professional staff is here to address any, and all, of your wellness testing needs, including convenient options for DNA tests, STD screenings, drug testing, and more. We help you get the answers you need when you need them, no questions asked.

Take control of your health and well-being with:

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  • Friendly, compassionate care
  • Judicial and employment-approved testing services

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DNA & Paternity Testing in Inverness

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Whether you’ve been ordered to complete a paternity test or you’re digging into your family’s heritage, our caring staff is here to make your sample collection as fast and stress-free as possible. And with an average accuracy of 99.9%, we give you confidence and clarity about your results fast.

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Employment-Approved Drug Tests

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Are you an Inverness-based employer looking to eliminate risky workplace behaviors? Our team is here to help. We offer comprehensive panels to address all your workplace drug use concerns, as well as guidance on creating and implementing a strong testing policy. To top it off, we'll dispatch our team directly to your location, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

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Discreet, Confidential STD Screenings

Protecting your sexual health starts with knowing your STD status, and our screenings are here to give you the ultimate peace of mind. Our compassionate team works to ensure that all tests are completed quickly, delivered discreetly to you, and priced with your budget in mind, making getting your results faster and easier than ever before.

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Comfort-Focused Blood Draw Services

Let’s face it, most of us dread getting blood work done. That’s why our skilled team takes extra steps to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible during your blood draw appointment, no matter what the reason for your blood draws may be. Just sit back, relax, and get on with your day fast.

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Affordable Serum Drop Solutions

Tired of letting dry, itchy eyes disrupt your daily routine? With our premium-grade serum eye drops, you can find immediate relief from your worst dry eye symptoms safely and effectively. We offer competitively priced serum eye drops tailored to your needs so that you can view the world through clear eyes.

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ARCpoint Labs of Dunnellon is on a mission to make DNA, drug, and wellness testing accessible to individuals of all backgrounds. Contact our office today to learn more about our all-inclusive resources for patients, businesses, and physicians today.

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Onsite & After Hours Services

While not always required by DOT regulations, on-site and after-hours testing can provide additional safety and convenience for employers.

ARCpoint Labs–certified collectors can come to your facility, saving you time, reducing downtime, and providing you peace of mind when random, for-cause, or post-accident testing is required. Our staff adheres strictly to all federal guidelines, even when on-site—including appropriate random selection, strict chain-of-custody protocols and accurate collection procedures for both urine drug collections and breath alcohol tests.