DNA Testing In Edina

DNA testing can be a powerful tool for learning more about yourself and your family.

From determining the biological father of a child to knowing the ancestral and ethnic background of an individual, DNA tests are a useful tool that helps us find answers and make decisions in our lives.

At ARCpoint Labs we have great professionals who will advise you throughout the process and will help you to solve all your doubts. If you are looking for professional DNA testing at an affordable price, we are here for you.

Affordable Paternity DNA Testing in Edina

Our company offers a range of DNA tests and services, including paternity tests, to provide our clients with the certainty they desire. Our team of experts is here to assist you with DNA testing for personal or legal purposes. Every child has the right to know who their father is, and every parent deserves the answers about their child’s paternity.

We guarantee our tests are always accurate, confidential, and affordable.

Ancestry DNA Testing Near You

Ancestry DNA testing can be a valuable tool for learning more about your family history and your place in the world. Have you ever wondered where your family originated? Not just your parents or grandparents, but generations back? More and more people are now interested in their heritage and understanding where their ancestors were from.

Our ancestry DNA tests can tell you your family background, what geographic regions your ancestors came from, what populations you are most closely related to today, and much more. Discover your ethnic origins and connect to your past.

In addition to providing a sense of personal connection and curiosity, ancestry DNA testing can also have practical applications. For example, knowing your ancestry can help you understand your risk for certain inherited health conditions and make informed decisions about your health and wellness. It can also help you connect with long-lost relatives and build a family tree.

Suspect Cheating? Our Infidelity DNA Test Is Here For You

If you have suspicions about the fidelity of your spouse or partner, our infidelity DNA tests in Edina can provide answers and aid in decision-making regarding the future of your relationship. Our tests compare genetic material from various items, like clothing or linens, to your spouse's genetic makeup.

Our skilled staff can also ensure a documented record of the handling of the samples, which may be necessary for court purposes. Infidelity is never easy, but knowing the truth can help you make an informed decision.

DNA Testing For Visa And Citizenship

DNA testing is a useful tool for verifying a stated biological relationship when no other form of credible evidence is available in conjunction with an immigrant visa application. If you or someone in your family is interested in immigrating to the United States, you may need a DNA test to show a familial relationship.

The immigration process can be confusing and challenging, but proving your family relationship shouldn’t have to be. Contact us if you want to know what type of immigration DNA test can help you.

Professionals That You Can Trust

ARCpoint Labs of Edina is your local expert and part of a national network of trusted labs specializing in DNA testing and more. We deliver professional service and work with you to provide the right test specifically for your needs. Our staff members are professionally trained and qualified.

All collections are sent to an (AABB) accredited lab. So, whether you need your results for court use or just need peace of mind, you can have complete confidence in the findings with ARCpoint Labs of Edina.

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Take Charge of Your Wellness

Trips to the doctor’s office are inconvenient, time-consuming and expensive. At ARCpoint Labs, we empower people to make informed decisions about their own health with easy, convenient, and confidential lab testing.