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Not feeling well rested? You might need more than just a good night's sleep.

The root cause of your fatigue could be more than just your lack of sleep. In many cases, a simple test can provide you and your doctor the information you need to feel like yourself again.

No physician order required in most states.


Need to solve the question of a child’s paternity? ARCpoint Labs can help.

We provide accurate, reliable paternity testing services to resolve any questions, no matter the reason.


DNA Testing

Need to solve a question of paternity for legal reasons? Searching for more details on your ancestors or information on your ethnicity? Deoxyribonucleic Acid testing, better known as DNA testing, unlocks answers and reveals information hiding within our cellular structure. If you have questions about your paternity, maternity, or distant lineage, turn to DNA testing — the most accurate and available technology to determine biological relationships — at ARCpoint Labs of Florence.

Put Questions to Rest with Reliable DNA Testing

The advanced technology of modern science has made it possible for ordinary individuals to be well-informed through an increasingly wide variety of advanced DNA testing services. Whether you are motivated by curiosity about your cultural or ethnic heritage, or because child support/custody or an inheritance matter is at stake, convenient, affordable and confidential DNA testing can provide answers.


STD Testing

Did you know?

…that every year, nearly 20 million people are diagnosed with a new sexually transmitted disease? Although having a sexually transmitted disease is common, many people don’t pursue STD testing enough. With accurate, confidential STD tests at ARCpoint Labs of Florence, you can determine if you have a sexually transmitted disease and pursue treatment whenever necessary.



Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

Drug and alcohol abuse continues to be a growing problem. Adults and teens alike can become victims of excessive drug and alcohol use. As a result, many families are sadly faced with the challenges presented by drug and alcohol abuse.

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ARCpoint Labs of Florence provides all types of screening options for identifying drug or alcohol abuse. We’re experts in detecting traditional drugs of abuse, prescription drugs, modern synthetic substances as well as steroids and other performance-enhancing substances used among students and athletes. We listen to your concerns and help you make informed decisions about which drugs and testing methods will provide the answers you need.


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