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The time you have to spend with your patients is limited, but the demands on your time are not. Keep your standard of care and get back part of your day with ARCpoint Labs. We partner with the largest CLIA-certified reference labs across the country, as well as with many of the specialized labs that offer services the big labs do not, to provide you the widest variety of diagnostic testing available. As your diagnostic hub, we provide all the lab results you need in one place, so you and your staff can focus on patient care. You order the test, we help determine the best lab partner for your patient. Let ARCpoint Labs be your diagnostic expert.

Physician Solutions

An estimated 70 percent of medical diagnosis and treatment decisions are based on laboratory results. ARCpoint provides the following for your patients:

  • Clear Upfront Pricing
  • Nationally negotiated rates for patients with a high deductible health plan
  • Upfront cash payment, which is more cost-effective than out of pocket expenses with high deductible health plans
  • Easy access to testing
  • More patient-centric hours. We will come to you, if needed!

Tests You Need

ARCpoint Labs can provide you a comprehensive list of over 10,000 individual tests, or choose from one of our custom panels, depending on the results you need. We partner with nationally accredited labs across the country, big and small, so you always have the results you need when you need them. With our nationally negotiated pricing, your patients will always get the lowest-price testing available, eliminating the need to pick and choose between tests based on price or estimated out-of-pocket expenses for your patients.

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