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DNA Testing in Fort Lauderdale

Fast and Foolproof DNA Testing Near You

There is so much you can learn from your DNA. When you analyze your genetic makeup, you can learn what diseases you’re prone to, or critical health facts in family history. You can resolve legal disputes, or learn the gender of your newborn child.

You can gain insight to help manage your health, diet and exercise, athletic performance, healthy aging, and much more. And thanks to the increasing pace of research, tests, and knowledge in the rapidly growing field of genetics, DNA tests are providing an increasing number of useful results for many different purposes.

Why Choose Us for Fort Lauderdale DNA Testing?

ARCpoint Labs of Fort Lauderdale Central is here to offer you:

  • Convenient DNA testing
  • Clean, clinical labs
  • Critical accreditation (AABB< ISO-17025, A2LA accredited) that help us produce more accurate results than most other labs
  • Competent and qualified staff
  • Results that arrive quickly with many turned around in a week, or even next day
  • Compassionate and approachable care that respects your privacy and personal choices
  • Competent guidance and counseling that guides you towards the best DNA testing solutions for what you're looking for

Are you looking for DNA testing in Fort Lauderdale? Contact us online or call us today at (954) 280-7759 to learn how we can help you!

Relationship DNA Testing Services

Our certified and trained specialists provide comprehensive DNA testing solutions throughout our 130+ locations across the United States, including our facility in Fort Lauderdale off the I-95 and W. Oakland Park Blvd. intersection.

Our Fort Lauderdale facility offers testing options for:

  • Paternity, Maternity, and Other Relationship Testing: Court-ordered, court-admissible testing you can use to establish a chain of custody or other legal needs. Informational tests are also available for your own peace of mind.
  • Ancestry: Trace your family roots through generations, learn who you are and how its determined by where you come from.
  • Infidelity: If you suspect your partner hasn't been faithful, find the truth using a sample like an accessory or piece of clothing.

Do You Offer DNA Testing While I'm Pregnant?

Yes - we offer prenatal DNA testing services which can be administered while you're pregnant. Our prenatal DNA tests can be performed as soon as 5 weeks into your pregnancy.

DNA testing while pregnant can be an invaluable tool for expectant mothers and their families. DNA testing can provide important information on the health of the fetus, such as identifying chromosomal abnormalities or inherited genetic disorders like Down syndrome.

It also helps predict the likelihood of a child developing certain conditions, like heart disease or diabetes. Additionally, it can help diagnose any potential genetic anomalies present in the mother's own chromosomes, thus allowing for early intervention and treatment if necessary.

The earlier any potential issues are identified, the better chances a mother has to ensure her unborn baby is healthy and safe. Moreover, DNA testing offers critical insights into the overall health of both mother and fetus during pregnancy and beyond.

At ARCpoint Labs of Fort Lauderdale Central, our prenatal DNA testing is accurate, reliable, and confidential.

Looking for reliable and quick DNA testing while you're pregnant? We can help. Schedule your appointment online or by calling us at (954) 280-7759 today.

Genetic and DNA Health and Wellness Options

Healthy lifestyle genetic and DNA tests are used for the purpose of general wellness, and they encourage people to be proactive in their overall health and lifestyle decisions. These tests include an increasingly wide range of customized health analysis covering nutrition (absorption) tendencies to athletic ability, skin health, biological age, weight management, CBD metabolism, and more.

Here are a few of the tests we currently offer at ARCpoint Labs of Fort Lauderdale Central:

  • The Nutripro test measures various genetic mutations present in an individual’s body to provide a picture of the genetic predispositions which could lead to various nutrient deficiencies. This can aid in targeted precision therapies to achieve optimum nutrition.
  • The GxSlim test provides detail on metabolism, weight loss tendency, weight regain, food utilization (protein, fat, carb), sweet preference, caffeine metabolism, bitterness sensitivity, vitamin tendencies, and various responses to cardio (fat loss, fitness, glucose, insulin sensitivity, HDL response, etc.). The report has food, nutrient, and exercise recommendations.
  • The GxRenew test includes a look, feel, and function analysis. The "look" analysis reviews genetic traits related to sun sensitivity, skin aging, facial aging, stretch marks, skin glycation, fat loss response to cardio, and body composition response to strength training. The "feel" analysis reviews genetic traits related to intrinsic motivation to exercise, addictive behavior and stimulus control, impulse control and taste preference, sleep duration, sugar intake. The "function" analysis reviews genetic traits related to longevity, age related hearing loss, mental acuity, systemic inflammation, calcium levels, copper levels, etc.
  • The Gender Reveal (SneakPeek) early DNA test is an accurate early gender DNA test. The test can be conducted as early as 7 weeks into pregnancy. The SneakPeek test looks for the male chromosome in the fetal DNA that is found in the mother’s blood.

Legal and Judicial DNA Tests

With years of experience dealing with inheritance issues, divorce proceedings, child custody determinations, DUI charges, and pretrial diversion/intervention, we know what it takes to produce accurate, court-admissible drug, alcohol, DNA, and lab testing. And that’s why we continue to serve attorneys, judges, social workers, mediators, intervention officers, families, orphans, and more as a trusted partner for legal and personal testing.

Our company is affiliated with both DATIA (Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association) and SAPAA (Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association). Our lab technicians also undergo extensive collections training. This assures our clients that the strictest protocols and procedures are followed ensuring the accuracy of results while providing the highest standards of quality and service.

We offer a variety of court-admissible tests to meet any need for legal and judicial evidence, including:

  • Immigration
  • Child custody cases
  • Child visitation rights
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Private investigations
  • Criminal cases
  • Estate or inheritance disputes
  • Juvenile, mental health, DUI, or veterans treatment drug court
  • Pretrial diversion or intervention programs

To learn more, contact us and ask to speak with our in-house lawyer.

Want to know how you can benefit from our DNA tests? Call us at (954) 280-7759 and we'll find the best DNA testing solution for you! You can also book an appointment online.