How Do SneakPeek Gender Tests Work

Many parents are excited to find out their baby’s gender. Early gender blood tests are growing in popularity. This article answers common questions about this type of test:

  • How does a sneak peek gender test work?
  • What type of sneak peek test should you choose?

What Is a SneakPeek Gender Test?

A sneak peek test is a trustworthy DNA test for telling your baby’s gender. It lets you know ahead of time if you’re having a girl or a boy. The test is simple and fast to perform, and you get results back quickly. There are three types of SneakPeek gender test, each with advantages:

  • Lancet: This sneak peek test has a small lancet to gather a blood sample. It’s friendly for any budget, but you need to be careful to avoid male DNA contamination.
  • Snap: This early gender blood test is virtually painless and easy to use. All you need to do is press the device against your arm, push gently on the snap lever, and the sample is collected automatically.
  • Snap FastTrack: This test is perfect for parents who want to find out their baby’s gender ASAP! It works the same as the SneakPeek Snap™ test, but you get the results in 72 hours instead of 3–5 days.

SneakPeek gender tests only check a baby’s gender. They’re not designed to reveal information about genetic predisposition or illnesses. We don’t store your DNA or your baby’s health information.

What Is the SneakPeek Process?

Gender is determined by a part of everyone’s DNA called chromosomes. Females have two X chromosomes, and males have one X, and one Y. A pregnant woman carries some of her baby’s chromosomes in her blood. That means that an early gender blood test can accurately tell your baby’s gender by simply looking for Y chromosomes.

If Y chromosomes appear, it means you’re having a boy. If not, you’re having a girl.

What can you expect when you get a sneak peek test at ARCpoint Labs of Fort Myers? First, it doesn’t hurt. Our caring professionals administer the test gently. These are non-invasive tests, so they don’t affect your baby. The test itself only takes 10–15 minutes, and we send it out for analysis immediately.

How Accurate Are SneakPeek Test Results?

SneakPeek gender tests are so sensitive that they can find even a single Y chromosome. According to a recent clinical study, test results are 99.99% accurate. That’s even more accurate than gender ultrasounds, and you can find out much earlier in pregnancy.

What Are the Benefits of a Sneak Peek Test?

With a sneak peek test, you can find out your baby’s gender at just seven weeks. That means no guesswork and no returned baby clothes. You can surprise friends and family with an unforgettable reveal.

From early in pregnancy, you can start getting things ready, including decorating your baby’s room. Not having the stress of last-minute changes is a big relief for mom and baby.

Most importantly, knowing your baby’s gender can help you connect on a deeper level. As you caress your belly, read to your baby, or feel your little one growing, you can start to imagine a beautiful, tiny face responding to your touch.

SneakPeek Gender Tests in Fort Myers, FL

If you’re excited about the arrival of your baby, don’t wait to get your sneak peek test! We recommend visiting the clinic with an early gender blood test because you get the results faster, and you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. Learn more about SneakPeek gender testing in Fort Myers by contacting our team right away.