Infidelity DNA Testing: Giving Peace of Mind

Florida state law allows married couples to divorce for any reason, but infidelity is one of the leading causes. Many relationships end as a result of one or both partners being unfaithful. Years ago, it was difficult to expose unfaithful partners unless they were caught in the act, but with the emergence of infidelity DNA testing, it is easier to set your mind at ease. This type of testing examines DNA left behind so you can determine if your significant other is seeing someone else.

Reasons for Infidelity Testing

If you suspect your partner is cheating, infidelity testing can either prove or disprove your theory. If you are married, being able to prove an affair is occurring behind your back gives you an advantage in court. If you are not married, knowing for certain that your partner is cheating can give you the closure you need to decide whether or not you should stay in the relationship.

Sources of DNA for Testing

DNA can be found on many types of items. If you are trying to prove infidelity, you must find an item that would have come in contact with the person your significant other is cheating with. One of the most commonly tested items is underwear, as vaginal fluid and semen left behind after intercourse provide excellent DNA samples. Other viable options include clothing, sheets, used condoms, and blood.

Steps for DNA Testing

Conclusive infidelity tested involves multiple steps. First, you must collect and submit a sample of DNA to be checked. The sample is then analyzed to determine if semen or vaginal fluid is present. If enough DNA is extracted, a DNA profile is developed. We then compare the sample to the one you provided. If the two samples do not match, you have discrete confirmation of infidelity. This allows you to move forward whether you intend to work through it or end the relationship or marriage.

Types of Infidelity DNA Testing

There are three different levels of infidelity testing. Depending upon your preferences, this type of testing can determine if an affair is happening, give you the DNA profile for the other person involved, or even provide you with a comparison so you can find out who the other person is. Choose from the following testing types to determine if infidelity has occurred.

  • Semen Analysis: The prostate creates a unique protein structure called albumin. Because this protein is only found in semen, its detection on items is sometimes indicative of an affair. This forensic test tells you whether or not semen is present on the item you submit, so it is most beneficial when you know there is no other explanation for the bodily fluid to be present.
  • DNA Detection: The test carefully analyzes items you submit to find traces of DNA. Once DNA is detected, the test evaluates it to determine its genetic profile, so you know if you are looking for a man or a woman.
  • DNA Comparison: To prove infidelity, you need to show that the DNA found does not match yours. A comparison test accomplishes this. You will be required to swab your cheek so you can present a control sample. The newfound DNA will then be carefully compared to that of you and your partners to determine if it matches either of you. If it does not, you have a strong infidelity case.

Infidelity DNA testing at ARCpoint Labs of Fort Myers

If you suspect your partner is unfaithful, DNA testing can put your mind at ease by proving whether or not infidelity has occurred. Instead of worrying about infidelity in Florida, let ARCpoint Labs of Fort Myers help you rest easy. Contact us today for more information on how to find and collect a DNA sample for infidelity testing.