How to Pass a Pre-Employment Drug Tests

Because employers are concerned with maintaining a safe working environment for their employees, many require applicants to pass comprehensive drug screenings before being hired. Even if you don’t use hard drugs, if you occasionally indulge in recreational marijuana or use it for medicinal purposes, you may be concerned that you will not pass the drug test you need to take to secure a job. While most drugs only stay in your system for three or four days, marijuana can be detected in your system for up to four weeks after use. If you are worried about passing a drug screening for employment, pre-employment drug tests with ARCpoint Labs of Fort Myers can help set your mind at ease.

Why  Pre-Employment Drug Tests are a Good Idea?

Even though marijuana is legal in many states and widely accepted for medicinal purposes, many employers still treat it as illegal. It can stay in your system longer than other types of drugs, so even if you haven’t used the substance in a few weeks, you may be concerned about passing a drug screening for a new job. ARCpoint Labs offers confidential tests that are affordable, so you can be confident you can pass your employment drug screening as well. Employers look for drug-free employees for the following reasons.

    • To get discounts on workers’ compensation insurance: Most employers offer full-time employees insurance. They also need to cover the cost of workplace accidents so their employees can feel safe, and the cost of workers’ compensation insurance is often significant. Many insurance companies offer premium discounts to businesses that maintain drug-free environments, so employers want employees who do not use drugs.
    • To minimize liability: Intoxicated workers can cause accidents that the company is held liable for. By maintaining a drug-free environment, employers reduce the risk of accidents occurring and minimize their liability.
    • To increase productivity: Because intoxicated employees are statistically less productive than non-drug users, employers tend to seek out applicants who do not use drugs to boost productivity and ensure they can meet client orders on time.

What Does a Comprehensive Drug Test From ARCpoint Labs of Fort Myers Involve?

Although ARCpoint Labs provides drug testing for companies of all types and sizes, we also offer individual screenings. If you are worried you won’t pass a drug screening when you’re applying for a job; you can visit ARCpoint Labs to set your mind at ease. We’ll perform a quick, confidential screening, so you know if marijuana is present in your system.

This most common form of drug testing we offer is via a urine sample. However, because we understand that certain drugs show up better through other testing forms, we also use hair, and sweat samples to test when requested. You will get the results of your test quickly and confidentially to feel confident when you go to apply for a job.

Schedule Your Drug Test Today

Instead of worrying about whether or not marijuana is present in your system when you take a drug test, visit ARCpoint Labs to take a pre-employment drug screening. This option allows you to approach job interviews confidently, knowing you can pass the required drug screening if you are hired. If you live in Fort Myers, Florida, and want to get a pre-employment drug screening, visit the ARCpoint Labs at the intersection of East Mall Drive and Fowler Street. Our position near the corners of Colonial Boulevard and Fowler Street puts us in a convenient location for both locals and visitors to get drug screenings, so stop in today or give us a call to schedule an appointment that will ease your mind about employment options.

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