Alcohol Testing

Unfortunately, alcohol is one of the most abused substances in our world today. That is why it is essential to have a trustworthy source to perform alcohol tests for your business or personal needs. At ARCpoint Labs of Fort Myers, we offer a variety of different alcohol tests in a safe, clean, and professional environment. Whether you need alcohol testing done to comply with DOT regulations or you are desperately trying to help a loved one get back on the right track, we offer accurate testing with certified collectors and quick results.

Available Services at ARCpoint Labs in Fort Myers

Our Fort Myers lab is proud to provide the following Alcohol testing services for both physicians and individuals:


Many workplaces either choose to, or are mandated by the DOT to have an alcohol and drug-free work environment. Because of this, we offer pre-employment screenings to help keep your work environment safe, productive, and free of alcohol and drug abuse.

Alcohol Testing

Accurately detects the presence of alcohol.


At ARCpoint Labs of Fort Myers, we have a consortium that your company can join to make it simple to test drivers randomly for alcohol abuse as per DOT regulations. We’ll make sure we are discreet and that our results are accurate.

Reasonable Suspicion:

If you have a reasonable suspicion policy at your workplace and have seen evidence of alcohol abuse such as slurred speech or alcohol on the breath when your employee is at the office, we offer reasonable suspicion testing to make sure both you and your employees work in a fair and substance-abuse free environment. We can go directly to the job site if you wish, and safely and discreetly test your employee.


It is important to have employees tested for drugs and alcohol within 2 hours after the accident. We offer this service after hours as well as onsite to help you and your employees get back to work after an accident as quickly as possible.

Drug Policy Review:

We know you have a lot on your plate, and that is why we offer the drug policy review service. Keep up-to-date on all the latest state laws and regulations with our review.

Federally Mandated Alcohol Testing for DOT:

If you are a DOT regulated company, you need to be compliant with the Part 40 rule. ARCpoint Labs of Fort Myers is specially trained to make sure you have the tests you need to remain in compliance. All of our Breath Alcohol Machines are DOT certified. Every Lab technician that works at Arcpoint Labs of Fort Myers is also DOT certified.

Families challenged by alcohol abuse:

If you have a loved one who needs to be tested for alcohol abuse in order to get back on the right path, we can help. We do testing for the courts, psychologists, lawyers clients, DCF, probation and pre-trial. We not only offer Breath Alcohol Testing which will tell you if someone is over the limit. We also offer alcohol metabolite testing, including urine, hair, nails and blood. Urine testing for the ETG metabolite goes back 80 hours. Blood testing for the PETH metabolite goes back 21 days. Hair and nail testing for the ETG metabolite goes back 90 days.

Choosing the Right Drug Testing Service for You

At ARCpoint Labs of Fort Myers, we have the most professional and effective alcohol test Fort Myers has to offer. For more information, contact us today.


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