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Can You Get a Paternity Test While You’re Pregnant?

by | Dec 22, 2023 | Paternity DNA

For many expectant mothers, discovering they are pregnant sparks many different emotions, ranging from excitement and joy to uncertainty and worry. Dealing with questions of paternity while pregnant can be extremely stressful, weighing heavily on a mother-to-be during pregnancy and even potentially affecting her health and wellbeing. However, advancements in lab technology now make it possible to find out an unborn child’s father and provide the clear, scientific answers needed to move forward with confidence.

Can You Get a Paternity Test While Pregnant?

Yes. Prenatal DNA testing makes it possible to confirm paternity as early as 7 weeks into the pregnancy, using a non-invasive method to provide highly accurate results. At no risk to your health or the health of your unborn child, this lab test can establish a DNA link to the child’s biological father.

As long as you complete the testing process at an AABB-certified lab like ARCpoint Labs of Fort Myers, the prenatal paternity test results are also legally-admissible. This means that they can be used to prove paternity in cases of custody, child support, and other Florida family court matters. Beyond that, the excellent reliability of prenatal paternity testing will ensure that all involved parties have the clear information they need.

How Does a Prenatal Paternity Test Work?

A prenatal DNA test requires samples from the pregnant mother and possible father. First, a blood sample will be drawn from the mother, while a cheek swab will be collected from the potential father. Because fetal DNA (DNA from the baby) floats freely in the mother’s blood, the lab will then be able to build a DNA profile for the unborn child using the collected sample. This profile is compared to the father’s DNA profile, and probability of paternity will then be established.

Are Prenatal Paternity Tests Safe?

Yes. “Non-invasive” means that the baby’s environment (the placenta) will not be invaded. The baby is not affected by the prenatal paternity test, which draws blood from the mother, and the procedure is completely safe for both mother and child.

What about At-Home Paternity Tests?

If you’re searching for where to get a paternity test in your area, odds are that you’ve come across companies offering at-home test kits. While the convenience and privacy of these tests may be tempting, they aren’t the best option. Instead of a professional collection, transporting, and testing your DNA samples, it will be up to you to collect and submit the material.

Unfortunately, there are far too many potential issues. You might accidentally contaminate the samples during collection, one of the involved parties could tamper with the samples, or they could even get lost in the mail and prolong your wait time. Additionally, these at-home DNA tests are not admissible in court, meaning you can’t use them for custody, child support, visitation, or any other legal matters.

Prenatal Paternity Tests in Fort Myers, FL

If you’re considering getting a DNA test while pregnant, it’s important that you choose a professional lab provider you can trust. ARCpoint Labs of Fort Myers is a leading provider of DNA testing and other lab services, delivering the accurate results our patients need and offering the ultimate in professional care. Our highly-trained technicians have extensive experience and adhere to the highest testing standards, so you can be confident that your results will give you the answers you want to move forward personally, legally, and medically.

Learn more about how to get a non-invasive prenatal paternity test and why it can benefit you by contacting ARCpoint Labs of Fort Myers today.

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