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How Accurate are Sneak Peek Gender Tests?

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

Parents can’t wait to find out whether their baby is a boy or a girl. How accurate is a sneak peek gender test? This article will help you know what to expect when you’re expecting:

  • How a SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test works
  • What type of test is best for your needs

Pregnancy is a special time. Not only are you forming a precious bond with your baby, but you’re also getting everything ready for your newborn. Nine months go by quickly, so many parents want to know their baby’s gender as soon as possible! A sneak peek gender test can give you more time to plan, shop and decorate. But can you trust the results?

What Is a SneakPeek Gender Test?

SneakPeek early gender tests are modern DNA tests that focus specifically on your baby’s gender. These tests are faster, more accurate, and more comfortable. For example, ultrasound gender tests aren’t accurate until late in pregnancy. Take a sneak peek gender test at seven weeks instead of waiting seven months!

SneakPeek Gender – Lancet

This SneakPeek early gender test uses a small lancet to prick the tip of a finger manually. It’s ideal for people who don’t mind a minor finger prick. Parents balancing their budget for baby love the low cost of this option. You get test results back in 5–7 days. One downside of this test is the potential risk of male DNA contamination if a man touches the test kit.

SneakPeek Gender – Snap

This unique gender test presses smoothly against your arm and collects a blood sample automatically. All you need to do is position the test, push down and wait a few seconds.

The SneakPeek Gender – Snap is quick and comfortable. It’s easy for moms to use, and the risk of male DNA contamination is low. You get results in 5–7 days. Most people don’t notice any pain at all. We often recommend this test for people who dislike getting pricked for a blood sample.

SneakPeek Snap FastTrack

When you want to find out your baby’s gender even faster, this sneak peek gender test is the right choice. The SneakPeek Snap Fast Track is accurate and virtually pain-free. What makes it special is that you get results back in just 72 hours. Of course, this option has a slightly higher cost than the other SneakPeek gender tests.

How Accurate Are SneakPeek Gender Tests?

The results of an early gender test are trustworthy. Studies have shown these tests to be 99.9% accurate at predicting a baby’s gender. The test looks for Y chromosomes. If none are present, your baby is a girl. If we find Y chromosomes, you’re having a baby boy.

How does this compare to a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT)? Well, NIPTs are also highly accurate, but they look at other factors for high-risk pregnancies, such as hereditary illnesses. NIPTs also cost quite a bit more than a sneak peek gender test.

Baby Gender Blood Testing in Fort Myers

For even greater comfort and faster results, schedule a sneak peek gender test at ARCpoint Labs of Fort Myers. If you choose to have the test done at our clinic, you can find out your results in a few days! That way, you can start celebrating right away. We’ll send the results to your chosen email address. To learn more about our early gender test options, contact our friendly team for assistance.

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