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ARCpoint Labs provides accurate, reliable DNA testing to meet a wide range of needs for both physicians and individuals. As one of the leading providers of advanced testing solutions, we offer a variety of DNA testing services that provide the results you need for medical, legal, or personal situations.

At our lab in Fort Myers, DNA testing is conducted by a team of professional lab technicians, who have been extensively trained to provide the highest quality experience for every client in terms of efficiency, reliability, and confidentiality.

DNA testing allows for a detailed look at the information locked inside the human genetic code, which can be highly useful in a number of situations. Perhaps you’re looking for answers in regard to questions of paternity, ancestral lineage, or infidelity. To meet the needs of both individuals and physicians, ARCpoint Labs has created a tailored selection of DNA testing services.

Available Services at ARCpoint Labs in Fort Myers

Our Fort Myers lab offers the following DNA testing services:


For many of our clients, paternity testing is a necessary part of court proceedings involving situations such as child custody, child support, and inheritance matters. Dealing with questions of paternity can be stressful, but ARCpoint Labs makes it quick and easy to get the legally-permissible answers you need, all while offering the ultimate in discretion and professionalism.


An ARCpoint Labs DNA test can provide you with the information you need for immigration-related situations, including detailed reports on kinship. Because of the legal nature of immigration-related DNA testing, it is critical that you choose a professional, accurate lab like ARCpoint Labs.


Experiencing potential infidelity in a relationship is painful, but ARCpoint Labs can lessen your emotional distress by providing you with discreet DNA testing options to answer your questions quickly and accurately.

Choosing the Right DNA Testing Service for You

If you’d like to learn more about the DNA testing services offering by ARCpoint Labs in Fort Myers, or need help choosing the service to best meet your needs, please contact our office today.


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