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Mission Statement
“To provide our franchisees with the tools, operational support and resources equipping them to meet their personal, professional, and financial goals.”

At ARCpoint, we understand that buying into a franchise system is more than a new job. It is a new way of life. Our team of dedicated staff members works hard to ensure that once you are a part of the ARCpoint family, you have the support to meet all of your goals.


ARCpoint Labs is a leader and a game changer in our industry. In fact, we are proud to be ranked the #1 franchise in laboratory services in the country by Entrepreneur Magazine. From the beginning, we have been a leader in drug and alcohol screening. Now, with our expansion and growth in the health and wellness space, we are well positioned to change the way patients and physicians receive their diagnostic testing.

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Four Pillars of Business

The expansion of ARCpoint’s business model to include increased offerings in the clinical diagnostics space has provided the platform for exponential growth. We focus on four distinct business segments, or pillars; Employer Solutions, Legal and Judicial Solutions, Physician Solutions and Individual Solutions.

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The expansion of ARCpoint’s business model to include increased offerings in the clinical diagnostics space has provided the platform for exponential growth.

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Rising healthcare cost and increasing complexity in insurance reimbursement has led to fragmentation in the clinical diagnostics market. More Americans than ever are faced with high deductible healthcare plans and skyrocketing out-of-pocket expenses for routine blood work at their physician’s office. With nationally negotiated rates and up-front pricing, ARCpoint is now poised to help consumers and their physicians to navigate the challenges of rising costs for diagnostic testing by providing cost-effective access to these tests outside the typical insurance channels through our nationally negotiated direct access pricing.

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The American Clinical Laboratory Association estimates that 70 percent of medical decisions are based on lab tests, resulting in a diagnostic testing market that was valued at $51.2 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $62.9 billion by 2024.

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Multiple Profit Centers

ARCpoint has continued to be an industry leader with its unique and comprehensive suite of service offerings and multiple target markets. Our unique model offers solutions for both the business-to-business market and direct-to-consumer solutions, giving you multiple channels to profitability.

Take Control of Your Schedule

Our facilities typically operate only 5–6 days a week during standard business hours and require only a few employees to operate. Enjoy what’s most important to you in life while still having time to focus on being a business owner, such as generating leads and growing your business.

High Margins/Residual Income

The ARCpoint product mix offers solutions with profit margins ranging from 45 up to 100 percent, and the business-to-business solutions we provide are residual in nature, as our clients continue to onboard new employees and implement ongoing random and “for cause” testing.

Additionally, our physician-based solutions provide an ongoing stream of referral business for new and existing patients as well as repeat and follow-up testing.

Meeting a Need in Your Community

More than 80 percent of American employers conduct pre-employment testing, and many of these companies also require ongoing randomized testing or federally mandated testing. Yet no single national brand is dedicated to drug and alcohol testing for this market.

At the same time, healthcare costs continue to rise, and more and more families find themselves facing large deductibles.

ARCpoint is revolutionizing the way Americans receive healthcare diagnostics.

With our direct-access model, health and wellness–conscious consumers and business owners can take control of their health and the safety of their workplace with self-directed testing and clear, up-front pricing.

Qualification Requirements

  • A minimum net worth of $350K
  • Liquidity of $90K-$110K (stocks, 401K, cash, etc.)
  • A personal credit score above 710
  • No personal or business bankruptcies within the last 5 years
  • Strong communicator who relates well to others
  • A desire to build strong relationships with customers
  • The potential to manage a small group (two to four) of employees
  • Focus on training and motivating to create operational efficiency

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