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Our Hours are from 8:00am to 4:00pm

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ARCpoint Labs of Golden Valley

COVID-19 Testing, Drug Testing, DNA Testing & More

If you have questions about your health and wellness, the answers you need might be closer than you realize. At ARCpoint Labs of Golden Valley, we help people and businesses make important decisions by providing them with crucial information about themselves.

Whether you’re looking for answers about drug use, your paternity, or exposure to diseases like COVID-19 or an STD, we assist you by providing safe and reliable testing. Rest assured that our friendly and flexible staff can meet your needs so you can move forward.

Looking for drug testing companies near you? Give us a call at (952) 260-3682 or schedule an appointment online today!

Rapid & Accurate DNA Testing

When it comes to DNA testing, you can trust in the accuracy and reliability of results provided by our team at ARCpoint Labs of Golden Valley.

We provide a wide range of DNA testing services from prenatal screening and paternity testing to screening for inherited diseases, as our team is here to help you find the right testing method for your specific requirements.

With our rapid and accurate DNA testing services, you can be confident that you'll receive the most informed decisions possible. Our team of experienced professionals are committed to providing reliable results so that you can make informed decisions about your health or other important matters.

Golden Valley Drug Testing Services

If you're in need of reliable drug testing, look no further than ARCpoint Labs of Golden Valley! We offer accurate, reliable and affordable tests for whatever purpose you may need.

Our drug testing services are trusted by employers and individuals alike for dependable results. Whether it’s for legal purposes or personal reasons, our fast and accurate tests will give you the information you need without delay.

Experience why ARCpoint Labs of Golden Valley is a trusted choice for efficient and responsive drug testing in Golden Valley today!

Get started with DNA & Drug testing in Golden Valley, MN! Dial (952) 260-3682 or contact us online today!

Protect Yourself & Your Workplace

We help provide the answers you need to make important health and wellness decisions for yourself or your place of work.

No matter your need for testing services, we at ARCpoint Labs of Golden Valley can provide them with safety and personalized care – from DOT testing to employer wellness testing, personal DNA testing, and personal STD testing.

When you have the information you need to protect yourself or your workplace, you’re in a better position to make the best possible decisions.

Information that Empowers

ARCpoint Labs puts customers first and offers a variety of testing services and wellness solutions to help them make informed decisions.

  • For businesses, ARCpoint provides quick, reliable testing options that inform hiring decisions and help companies develop policies to keep the workplace safe.
  • For consumers, ARCpoint offers easy access to test results that provide insights into their health.
  • For physicians, attorneys and other professionals, ARCpoint gives their clients the information they need to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.

Dial (952) 260-3682 or schedule an appointment online for Covid-19 testing in Golden Valley today!

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