Paternity and Wellness DNA Testing in Greenville, SC

Get Safe, Reliable, and Accurate DNA Testing!

Getting DNA testing with timely results that won't rack up thousands of dollars can be a hair-pullingly frustrating experience. You need a South Carolina DNA testing lab that has the right credentials, modern equipment, sanitized facilities, and gives you prompt and confidential results from qualified staff who respect your agency and your privacy.

For dependable DNA testing in Greenville, SC, whether for immigration, legal evidence, or for your own health, call us at (864) 774-9341 or contact us online today to learn more.

Our Pharmacogenetics and Paternity Testing Services in Greenville

We are proud to offer DNA testing for Greenville, SC, and the surrounding areas. We use cutting-edge lab technology to provide affordable DNA testing with transparent pricing, by trained and credentialed DNA testing specialists.

Although the tests available vary by location, at our DNA testing lab in Greenville we offer:

  • Paternity and Relationship: Prove biological parentage, grandparentage or siblingship or even post-mortem tests, for child support, custody, or proving familial ties to a US Citizen for visa and immigration
  • Pharmacogenetics Test (PGx): Using a saliva sample, create a unique genetic profile against a list of medications, determine which ones would work, and at what dosage.

Is ARCpoint Labs CLIA certified?

Yes. All ARCpoint Labs facilities are CLIA-Certified, and comply with CLIA certifications and guidelines when required. That extends to all of our on-site DNA tests, as well as our drug and substance abuse tests. That’s why our DNA tests are useable in court, for Department of Transportation drug testing, and pre-employment background checks.

How Are Paternity Tests Done?

Paternity tests are done by collecting cheek swab samples from both parties and sending them to a laboratory like ARCpoint Labs of Greenville SC for analysis.

ARCpoint labs will look for similarities in the markers found in the DNA of both samples. The more similar the markers are, the higher the probability of paternity. In cases where a direct comparison is not possible, such as when one of the parties is not available for testing, other techniques can be used to estimate paternity by analyzing shared genetic characteristics.

Once all analyses have been completed, our lab will provide a report with the probability of paternity. In order to ensure the most accurate paternity test, it is important to choose a reliable laboratory like ARCpoint Labs of Greenville SC with experienced professionals who have experience in paternity testing in Greenville, SC.

For more information about our DNA testing services in South Carolina, or to schedule a paternity test today, call us at (864) 774-9341 or contact us online today.