Health & Wellness

  • Take Care of Yourself on phrase colorful handwritten on chalkboard on a desk | ARCpoint Labs of Houston-Northwest
    How Lab Testing Can Support Your Well-Being

    Uncover the Power of Wellness Panels When it comes to improving your overall health, knowledge is power. Wellness panels can help ...

  • A woman with brown eyes applies serum tears from a small vial.
    How Serum Tears Produce Reliable Relief from Dry Eyes

    Everything You Need to Know About Serum Tears Serum tears are eye drops composed of human blood. The serum is created by mixing, ...

  • Back to school
    Back to School Physicals: When and Why You Still Need to Schedule Them

    We’re coming to that time of year again – it’s back to school, back to sports hecticness. And that means it’s also time to check ...