Drug Testing in Houston Northwest

Making Testing Easy, Reliable, And Affordable

A successful company is one that places a high priority on the health and safety of its workers. We provide a variety of clinical testing and background check services for employers at ARCpoint Labs of Bellingham. We have a solution for you regardless of the testing you require. We provide a concierge service to bring testing to you and your place of business.

We make it simple and quick to keep your office secure. If you are looking for the best drug testing services near you, contact ARCpoint Labs of Houston Northwest today.

Helping You Keep Your Workplace Safe

ARCpoint Labs of Houston Northwest is pleased to be able to offer comprehensive clinical and drug testing services near you. We have an experienced team of qualified professionals who take your health seriously. We offer:

  • Background Checks
  • DOT Solutions
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Random Drug Testing
  • Wellness Solutions

At ARCpoint Labs of Houston Northwest, our credentialed team of professionals is here to assist you in ensuring your business is full of healthy, reliable employees with flexible solutions.

Drug Testing Services Near You

ARCpoint Labs is a nationwide network of laboratories with more than 130 centers in the U.S. Each is locally owned and backed by a nationally recognized and respected name. We provide safe and confidential testing and counseling on a consistent and reliable basis. Contact ARCpoint Lab of Houston Northwest for more information on how we can help you and your company.

Employer drug testing is crucial to a safe workplace. Contact us online or call (281) 843-4054 to learn more about our services.