Paternity Testing

Whether you are searching for your father or need scientific proof of paternity for legal matters, DNA paternity tests are a 99.9% accurate and scientific way to get the answers you need. Depending on your situation, there are a few different genetic paternity tests available.

At-home tests are a useful tool for those who are simply curious about their paternal heritage, however, if you need evidence that is admissible in legal matters or court, chain of custody paternity tests are often a necessity. At ARCpoint Labs in Sugar Land, TX, we offer fast, high-quality paternity testing in a professional environment at a convenient location.

Curious About Paternity

If you need a genetic paternity test, getting on is a straightforward and painless process. All that is required is a quick cheek swab to collect epithelial (skin) cells from the child and the father. A cheek swab from the mother is useful, but not required to get results. After the swabs are taken by certified collectors at the lab, the samples are then analyzed to determine the probability that the father’s genetic markers are found in the child. This is called percentage of the probability of paternity.

If the analysis results in a 99% or greater probability, this indicated the alleged father is indeed the father. However, if the results are close to zero, that means the alleged father is not related to the child and therefore is not the father but could be biologically related to the actual father. These results are beneficial in legal matters as they scientifically prove who is and who is not the father.

Analysis Results

Legal paternity tests are often helpful and are in many cases required, when contesting child support, adopting a child, adding or removing a father’s name for a birth certificate, contesting inheritance or issues of probate, and seeking social security or military benefits. ARCpoint Labs makes sure to follow the chain of custody so that your genetic testing is accurate and admissible in court.

No matter your situation, we can help you to find the answers that you have been searching for through a simple DNA paternity test.

We know that questionable paternity can be very stressful and emotional, and that s why we make every effort to offer our clientele and environment that is both comfortable and efficient. If you need a paternity test in Sugar Land and have questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, contact our lab today.


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